Limp Hair

Limp and Flat

Tip 1: Wash-In Thickness
Beautiful hair with incredible body begins in the shower. We recommend cleansing with a hair-thickening shampoo like Diametress Shampoo, fortified with Keratin Amino Acids (protein) and Panthenol (Vitamin B-5), because it actually increases the diameter of the hair shaft.
Tip 2: Blow Out Volume
Flat, limp hair lacks volume and body, causing it to lie close to the head. Using volumizing products like Mousse Plus Volumizing Foam with a round brush will create volume and support at the scalp to create hair that appears full and luxurious. Blow-drying is one of the best ways to build volume: Either use a directional nozzle at the roots, or flip your head completely upside down while you dry. The aim here is to get hair strands to stand up off the head, creating fullness. Begin with sections of hair near the neck, and work your way upwards toward the hair around your face.
Tip 3: Self-Grip Rollers
In your quest for the most advanced techniques for adding fullness, don't forget one of the tried-and-true methods for creating volume: rollers. Prime your hair by drying it approximately 80% of the way and using Maxximum Finishing Mist with a round brush as described above. Begin by separating your hair into four sections. Place three medium-to-large self-grip rollers in each of the sections, rolling hair under toward your scalp. Fasten the rollers with a small clip. Leave your hair in the rollers for about ten minutes, then carefully unwind the rollers, loosen the curls with your fingers, shake it out, and brush your hair from roots to ends. Spray it lightly with Comb Thru Finishing Mist to hold.
Tip 4: Heat-Set Body
A key element to remember in volumized hair is the power of heat to set body. Working in sections, hold hair out with a round brush and apply heat with the blow dryer, primarily focusing on the roots, and then proceed through to the ends. Allow hair to cool by removing heat for about a minute, or with a blast of cool air before pulling a brush through hair. To build lasting volume, it’s important that hair cools before the brush is removed to set your style in place for the day.
Tip 5: Keep It Short
Baby-fine and limp strands will accumulate density and body better if they are cut above or off shoulders. Bob or chin length styles provide fine hair with bounce and body that gives hair a sexy, soft, and completely natural look that will go the distance.