Conditioners Group

Conditioner Basics

Soothe and soften your hair the right way.
Conditioners are highly targeted therapies specifically formulated to treat hair for lack of moisture, protein loss, or various forms of damage resulting from an overuse of thermal styling tools or sun, wind, and chemical treatments. Knowing which to use and how often is the key to lustrous, healthy-looking hair.

 Remember to apply conditioner after each time you shampoo. Begin by focusing on the ends of hair and work your way upwards; the ends of hair are older and therefore drier and more damage-exposed. Comb through with a wide-toothed comb and leave on for three minutes. Rinse with lukewarm rather than hot water to maintain shine. Also consider a leave-in conditioner such as Humectress Leave-In Spray to provide continuous nourishment and hydration.

Dry or damaged hair can benefit from a deep moisture treatment every two weeks or monthly such as Emergencèe Conditioning Treatment.