Eliminating Tangles

Eliminating Tangles

Keep it smooth and manageable with these easy, gentle techniques.
Comb in Conditioner

Keep a wide-tooth comb in the shower to evenly distribute conditioner and detangle hair at the same time.
Dry Smart

Squeeze or wring out extra moisture starting at the top of the head and working toward the tips. Working with hair in the direction that it grows ensures less roughing up and tangling.
Tools of the Trade

Wide-tooth combs, paddle brushes and vent brushes work best for combing out long hair and freeing tangles. Begin combing through the ends first, then work on brushing from scalp to tips. This way you are not matting tangled hair down into the tips, which can cause damage.
Leave In and Go

To help in the fight against tangles, consider using a leave-in conditioner:

  Headress Leave-in Conditioner continuously nourishes and seals in intense hydration
  For color-treated hair, Color Assure Leave-in Conditioning Spray helps to protect color and reduce tangles by replenishing hair with vital moisture, leaving hair incredibly nourished and radiant.