Show off your good side. Accentuate your best features. And draw attention right where you want it just by changing your part.
Natural Part
    Find natural part by combing damp hair straight back; where your hair falls or separates is your natural part.
    Your hair’s natural part is not always the best for your facial shape.
    Part hair above weak facial features to place focus on the preferred side — drawing attention to your favorite features.
Side Part
    Create a side part by drawing a line starting at the forehead and moving diagonally across the head towards the crown:
    For a sharp, sculptural part, use a fine-toothed comb to keep it straight and narrow.
    For a natural look, separate hair at your desired part with your fingers.
Center Part
    Create in the same way, but begin at tip of nose to center and pull straight back.
    Can accentuate nose and chin area, and may give a less-soft look than other two types.
    Spray hairspray on hands and smooth broken hairs and flyaways to get a perfectly smooth part.