Treatments Group


Fight the harsh effects of weather, pollution and daily styling with conditioning treatments. Defend against dryness and repair damage for touchably soft, vibrantly healthy hair.
Moisturizing Treatment
  1. Restore and maintain vital moisture in three minutes.
Humectress Conditioner provides nourishing moisture, leaving hair luxuriously soft, manageable, and full of lustre.
Humectress Leave-In Spray seals in strength and intense hydration for softer feeling, salon-beautiful hair with a deep, dimensional shine.
Reconstructive Treatment
  1. Repair and strengthen hopelessly damaged hair to stop future breakage.


Use once every two weeks to structurally reinforce hair and improve hair’s health, condition and shine.
Split Ends Treatment
  1. Fortify and protect dry, brittle hair to reduce split ends and breakage.


Use this daily conditioner concentrated on the ends and leave on for five minutes once a week to gently repair damaged hair for stronger, healthier looking hair.