Damaged Hair

Damaged Hair
Tip 1: Easy Does It
Alternate between a gentle cleansing and volumizing shampoo such as Diametress Shampoo and a moisturizing shampoo like Therappe Shampoo to pamper hair and provide it with the balance it needs.
Tip 2: Moisturize and Strengthen
Follow shampoo with a conditioner like Keraphix Conditioner alternating with a moisturizing conditioner that prevents damage such as Humectress Conditioner two or three times per week.
Tip 3: Deep Condition
Structurally reinforce damaged hair with Emergencèe Conditioning Treatment. Follow with Therappe Shampoo and Humectress Conditioner.
Tip 4: Protect Your Hair
Prevent breakage caused by thermal tools with a heat protection styling spray. ProMend Styling Spray acts as a barrier to help prevent damage. Use it before curling, flat ironing and blow-drying to render hair smooth and frizz-free.