Discover 7 way to keep your hair shiny and strong with Nexxus.

7 Ways to Keep Your Hair Shiny and Strong, No Matter What Summer Throws Your Way


Spackling on the sunscreen, getting feet sandal-ready, staying ahead of the hair-removal situation—our summer beauty routine doesn’t always feel as lazy as we’d like. No wonder “protect hair from the sun” tends to fall off the to-do list. It’s easy to tell ourselves that a little fun in the sun won’t harm our hair, but there’s no denying the evidence come fall: dullness, breakage, faded color, split ends. Things don’t have to end up this way—summer-proofing hair really is a lazy endeavor. Here are seven truly easy tweaks that’ll get you to Labor Day with your hair gorgeousness intact.

Wear a Sun Hat

The right hat can be just as protective for your hair as it is for the skin on your face and neck. The wider the brim, the better, especially if your hair’s long. With straw hats, look for densely woven fibers that let less light filter through. Skip the visor/hat hybrids that are popular right now, for obvious reasons (they leave your hair’s roots completely exposed).

Shampoo Smarter

It’s tempting to scrub hair squeaky-clean when conditions are sticky or salty, but over-cleansing can leave hair dry and more damage-prone. Instead, stick to a shampoo-and-conditioner system designed to boost moisture instead of stripping it, like Nexxus Therappe Shampoo and Nexxus Humectress Conditioner, which keep hair at peak hydration for a full 24 hours post-wash and contain UV-protective ingredients.

Become a Scarf Person

If you already love head scarves, go ahead and wear ‘em like crazy this summer. If you often wish you knew how to pull one off, here’s your motivation to finally try—they’re a chic way to keep your hair under wraps when you’ll be out in the sun, and a great alternative if you’re not so into sun hats. There are plenty of ways to tie/style them and, crucially, plenty of YouTube tutorials to teach you the twists and turns.

Twist It

Speaking of twists: Winding your hair in a snug knot instead of wearing it loose or in a ponytail is an easy way to reduce the surface area exposed to direct sunlight. A low bun tucked beneath a sun hat keeps pretty much all of your hair happily shaded.

Keep It Quenched

Frequent swimming and washing can leave hair parched and more vulnerable to breakage and splitting. Prevent this with a leave-in product that replenishes hair’s natural moisture barrier, like Nexxus Encapsulate Serum. It works on wet or dry hair and is lightweight enough to reapply several times a day, and bonus, also fends off humid-weather frizz.

Do Pre-Swim Prep

Before you dive in, dampen your hair and work in a little bit of that conditioner; this way your hair will soak up moisturizing ingredients—and less chlorinated or salt water.

Take the Heat Off

To offset the season’s hair-sabotaging effects, give your hair a summer vacation from the blow dryer whenever possible. Try putting it in a braid if you don’t like to air-dry. This is also the perfect time to turn down the temperature of your shower; cooler water boosts shine and won’t leach your hair’s moisture like hot water does.