Introducing Nexxus City Shield


When living in an urban environment, protecting your skin from harsh city aggressors is second nature, but we rarely give thought to protecting our hair from daily assault. Nexxus’ new City Shield collection aims to provide just such defense; a three-product range, it takes inspiration from nature and unlocks powerful ingredients to help protect hair’s integrity while preventing damage.

A pioneer in the field of hair care proteins, Nexxus has sourced a combination of proteins extracted from nature, and combined them with hardworking protective agents as an answer to this very dilemma. Featuring a phyto-protein complex, City Shield was developed specifically to help combat the effects of humidity and UV exposure. A key component of this unique complex is Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, a naturally derived protein that is known to provide nourishment. City Shield also works on the external layers of hair leaving it smooth, conditioned and soft to the touch.

Grown in the wild in India, the Indian Lotus flower is another key component of the phyto-protein complex. Visually exquisite and possessing an inherent protective barrier, the flower is known to be extremely resistant to dust and humidity. Even when emerging from muddy water, the Indian Lotus flower unfolds leaves that are completely unblemished and untouched, making it a marvel in its own environment. Demonstrating the power of nature at its best, this plant protects itself from external aggressors, and it is this extraordinary resilience that is echoed in the Nexxus City Shield formulation.

“We understand that modern living means that hair fibers are faced with more environmental aggressors than ever before. At Nexxus we wanted to create a product that every woman can use to help protect their hair and build resilience to some of those aggressors" - Nexxus Science Insights Leader, Dr. Fraser Bell


“It is now second nature for people to protect their skin against UV and pollution in addition to hydrating it, so it is about time we applied the same logic to our hair. The Nexxus City Shield collection is a must-have for anyone leading a busy lifestyle, as it leaves hair resilient, replenished and protected from the elements.” - Nexxus Global Creative Director, Kevin Mancuso

24 Hours Of Humidity-fighting Protection

Humid commutes and summer days in the city can have a detrimental effect on hair and lead to frizziness. Nexxus City Shield leaves a hydrophobic layer on the hair surface which helps repel water from the air, protecting hair from humidity. The light moisturizing formulas create a veil of frizz protection, leaving hair feeling weightless and protected for the entire day.

Resilience Against Different Environments

It is not just hot and humid environments that impact hair. Cooler, air-conditioned environments can leave it looking and feeling dry and more vulnerable to static and flyaways; a huge hindrance when it comes to successful styling. As we go about our daily routines, we move back and forth between extremes, constantly exposing our hair to these damaging environments. Nexxus City Shield’s patented protein care active technology makes hair fibers more resilient while the formulations protect the hair from the fluctuations in humidity we face in day to day city life. Nexxus City Shield is clinically proven to create smooth, healthy-looking hair that looks alive with natural movement.

UV Repair For Damaged Hair

Even on cloudy days the sun’s UV rays can damage the internal structure and integrity of hair, causing it to become more prone to breakage and resulting in strands that look and feel fragile and dull. Because Nexxus understands that avoiding UV rays altogether is unrealistic, it has formulated City Shield with protein care actives to repair damage caused by such aggressors and bring hair back to its healthy state.


Nexxus City Shield Shampoo

Salon-crafted and silicone-free, Nexxus City Shield Shampoo is enriched with a phyto-protein complex, and also contains the lightweight conditioning ingredients that provide Nexxus’ signature detangling benefit. The specially selected ingredients ensure it is the perfect product to cleanse and purify stressed, urban hair.

Nexxus City Shield Conditioner

The next step in the collection, Nexxus City Shield Conditioner, is purposefully crafted to restore a protective barrier to the hair cuticle, nourishing and leaving the hair fiber smooth. Enriched with a phyto- protein complex, Nexxus City Shield Conditioner offers a reinvigorating veil of protection and a barrier against a city environment, resulting in frizz-free, beautifully balanced and manageable hair.

Nexxus City Shield DD-Crème

The third step in the City Shield Collection, the Damage Defense Crème is also formulated with the phyto-protein complex, and offers a subtle level of styling for sheer, frizz-resistant lightweight hold. Nexxus knows that environmental elements never stop and have consequently created a product that can be applied on the go. Inspired by premium skincare packaging, an airless pump tube technology has been introduced, which provides an even flow of product making it the perfect handbag essential.


Hair care innovator and cosmetologist Jheri Redding who founded Nexxus, strongly believed that proteins were so powerful that they could bring damaged hair back to life. He purposefully set out to create a brand so pioneering that it used science to extract proteins from nature, to help deliver advanced products that restore the condition of hair.

Today, combining Redding’s groundbreaking approach and the in-depth understanding of proteins found in hair, Dr Fraser Bell, Nexxus Global Science Insights Leader, together with Kevin Mancuso, Nexxus Global Creative Director, continue to craft collections that exceed expectations of women around the world; luxury products that restore and replenish all hair types beautifully.

As Nexxus has evolved, so has the environment around us, presenting new challenges for hair and hair styles. While women have implemented protective routines for their skin based on their comprehensive knowledge and understanding of their own specific needs, the same hasn’t yet been adopted in their hair care routine. With City Shield, Nexxus take a first step in helping women achieve this for their hair.