5 Pro Tricks for Creating Lasting Volume

Model with Hair Down

Leave It Up to the Experts

We know how important volume is for healthy looking hair, which is why we asked Kevin Mancuso, Nexxus Global Creative Director and Nexxus Style and Trends Curator Lacy Redway to share their secret moves for boosting body. Read on for their essential tips and tricks to add volume in hair.

The Secret: Volume Starts In The Shower

According to Kevin one of the biggest mistakes many women with fine, flat hair make is choosing products that weigh it down. This goes not just for your styling products, but also your shampoo. “Your shampoo should be a silicone-free, gentle, deep cleanser that will remove any residue left on the hair from styling,” he says, “but it shouldn’t deposit anything on it.” His go-to pick for volume is Nexxus Diametress Volumizing Shampoo — with green tea extract and proteins, it is specially designed to be lightweight to help provide volume.

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Get Into The Zone

To avoid falling flat, says Kevin, you want to “zone” your products, i.e. apply them to different sections (or, zones) of your hair. For example, to prevent the top of your hair from flattening, apply your conditioner starting one or two inches below the root. That way your hair gets the moisture it needs without weighing it down in places that you don’t want. Speaking of zoning, you’ll want to be strategic about where you put your styling products as well. To prep your hair for lasting volume, says Lacy, use Nexxus Hydra-Light Root Lifting Mist on the roots of your hair, and Nexxus Mousse Plus Volumizing Foam on damp hair from mid-lengths to ends prior to blow drying.

Model Hair Blown Dry

Blow It Up

Once you’ve got our hair prepped and ready, it’s time to get crafty with your heat styling. “Overdirect each section of hair while blowdrying for maximum volume,” advises Lacy. Over-directing the hair in this case means pushing it in the opposite direction than it usually lays and aiming the hot air from the dryer at the root of your mane. This physically forces the strands upward to create visible lift.

Model with Hair in Rollers

Go Retro

“Don’t be afraid to adapt some of your mom’s old tricks into your current routine,” says Lacy. She loves using Velcro rollers to create body. Post-blowdry, she recommends taking each section of hair and wrapping it around a curler. Remember, the larger the curler, the more voluminous your ‘do. “The key is to set each section before the strands cool,” notes Lacy, “so that the volume you have worked into it while blowdrying will stay into its shape.”

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Make The Cut

If your hair is too heavy to start with, you’re fighting a losing battle against flatness. Lighten up your proverbial load by getting your hair cut regularly. “If your hair is weighing itself down, removing a little bit of weight will free it,” says Kevin. “A good cut with the right kind of layering will create beautiful movement and lifting body.”

Now you’ve got everything you need to take your hair to beautiful new heights.