A day of healthier hair: habits to adopt morning, noon and night to keep your hair in great shape

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From the moment you wake up to the time your head hits the pillow, there are ample opportunities to improve your hair’s health. Even if you’re too busy to carve out extra time each day to nurture your locks, Nexxus makes it easier to take your hair’s health to the next level and achieve salon-quality results at home – from shampooing with our added H4 complex, to styling with StyleProtect Technology. These simple and quick practices will transform your hair today and over time, whether you’re aiming for stronger, smoother or shinier strands (or all of the above)...

In the morning: Nourish your hair from within

Just as eating a protein-rich diet is important for keeping your body healthy, it’s also crucial for strengthening your hair, as hair is made up of protein. Start the day supporting your hair with the right ‘food’ in the shower – protein-powered and H4 complex-rich hair care. Nexxus Amino Bond™ Shampoo and Conditioner are made with an exclusive bond-building technology and ProteinFusion™ amino acid blend to restore your hair from within, making it stronger and visibly healthier. If your hair is severely damaged, then our Nexxus Keratin Keraphix Shampoo and Conditioner for Damaged Hair are the right products for you. Infused with keratin protein and black rice, they will heal the visible signs of hair damage, like split ends and reinvigorate your locks.

During the day: Pull your hair back into a nourishing bun

Whenever you’re running errands, working remotely or doing a workout during the day, coat your hair in oil or a mask and pull it into a slicked-back bun or pony. The look itself is versatile and low-maintenance while still being chic enough for work calls or brunch meet-ups. It’s a style that minimizes tangles and breakage throughout the day, and you can make it work even harder for your hair’s health by coating strands in our Repair & Nourish Ultra Lightweight Hair Oil. This restorative formula of rose of Jericho and damascus rose oils seals in moisture and brings dry, tired strands back to life weightlessly. If you prefer the feel of a hair mask, do the same with the Keratin Keraphix Mask, which features the new H4 healthy hair complex. This complex includes a nutrient-rich blend of collagen, keratin and elastin protein. Leave it on for at least 20 minutes to improve all four signs of healthy hair: moisture, strength, shine and elasticity.

If you can’t leave an oil or mask on all day, slick your hair back and smooth over any flyaways or frizz with Slick Stick Strong Hold Hair Wax. This wax stick allows you to instantly create a pulled together look without the need for heat styling, preventing damage. It also protects hair’s health, with a 72-hour humidity shield and 48 hours of frizz control.

In the evening: Relax with a scalp massage

Take time to relax and release tension with a gentle scalp massage to increase blood flow and refresh your roots. Use your fingertips to massage your scalp in small circular motions, spending more time on the areas that feel tight. Apply a few drops of the Repair & Nourish Ultra Lightweight Oil while you massage to boost your hair’s health even more.

At night: Sleep to wake up to healthier hair

There’s a scientifically-supported reason you keep seeing influencers rave about silk or satin pillowcases: they reduce friction from rubbing your head against your pillow during the night and reduce tangles and the damage associated with them. Comb your hair gently before bed to remove any knots and distribute your hair’s natural oils from roots to the ends to help hydrate all over. Sleep well!


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