Is there such a thing as healthy hair spray?

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It doesn’t matter how a finishing spray works: whether it’s an anti-humidity hair spray, a firm-hold shine mist, or a fluffy volumizing hair spray, it is essentially a final layer of protection and grip for your chosen style. But what if we told you that, thanks to modern-day formulations, a hair spray does more than just hold a style: it can actually contribute to improving the quality of your hair? Nexxus hairsprays – Maxximum Firm Hold Hairspray, XXL Volume Medium Hold Hair Spray, and Comb Through Flexible Hold Hairspray allharness advanced STYLEPROTECT technology, and here’s exactly how it works…

Protection from humidity

Hair that has any type of curl pattern, be it wavy, curly or coily, is more likely to suffer from dryness due to a raised cuticle layer. It’s the reason textured hair always feels coarser than straight hair, and lacks light-reflecting shine. These dehydrated strands then seek moisture in the environment, which causes them to swell and rearrange themselves into unwanted flyaways. The STYLEPROTECT technology in XXL Volume Medium Hold Hair Spray delivers a 72-hour humidity shield that acts like a barrier between thirsty hair and moisture in the air.

Fighting frizz

The best anti-frizz products do a number of things. Nexxus haircare systems replenish lost proteins and moisture, sealing the strands’ outer cuticle layer to stop essential moisture from leaking out, and unwanted humidity from getting in. Our Ultralight Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner, which were created for all frizz-prone hair type, do exactly that: sulfate-free formulas and a ProteinFusion blend strengthen hair from within and form a weightless, invisible barrier around each strand to block out humidity and frizz. By teaming a replenishing haircare system with our STYLEPROTECT-powered styling products, you can unlock 48 hours of frizz control.

Adding serious volume

Combine some simple styling hacks with our XXL Volume Medium Hold Hair Spray, and get yourself bigger hair in an instant. For a full volume-boosting routine, read The volumizing routine to follow for gorgeous, fluffy hair. Defy gravity by styling with your head flipped upside down, setting hairs away from the scalp for higher hair when you’re upright again. You could also add some gentle backcombing to the roots with a fine-tooth comb sprayed lightly with our hairspray, but be gentle.

Flexible hold

A good hairspray will work stealthily, holding hair in place without drawing attention to itself. Sticky residue is out, medium hold that’s flexible and easily brushed out is in. Hairsprays that act like glue either need to be washed out (not ideal if you style your hair daily and find daily washing dries your strands out) or vigorously brushed out, which increases the risk of friction damage and snapping. Both XXL Volume Medium Hold Hair Spray and Comb Through Flexible Hold Hairspray contain flexible style polymers that ensure your voluminous style stays put all day, without compromising your hair quality or health.


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