Dos and don'ts when using a curl-defining cream

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If you’re looking for the best cream for curly hair, we’ve got you covered. But how can you be sure you’re getting the most from your go-to styling product, to achieve soft, bouncy and revived curls and waves? Read on…

DO trust in protein science

Hair is made up of more than 90% protein, which can become damaged and lost when strands are exposed to external stressors. Nexxus harnesses the power of proteins, replenishing what is lost to damage with unique PROTEINFUSION blends. Lines like Unbreakable Care and Keraphix have been created specifically to repair damage when proteins are lost. As frizz occurs when damage and dryness take hold, replenishing the all-important cuticle layer means hair is restored, with boosted shine, strength and elasticity.

DON’T underestimate the importance of moisture

When hair doesn’t look or feel its best, dehydration has a lot to answer for. The NEW Nexxus Curl Define Climate Control Gel Cream delivers long-lasting hydrating benefits alongside curl-and-wave-enhancing definition. Boost its benefits with a protein-powered haircare system and reduce the daily damage that nudges your hair into dry, frizzy territory. Is frizz the bane of your life? Read 4 things to stop doing to avoid frizz (and one essential thing to start!).

DO apply your curling creamto damp hair

As soon as you step out of the shower, hot water begins to evaporate from your strands, leaving the cuticles open and the hair lacking moisture. While hair that’s too wet could dilute the effects of your styling products, try applying the Curl Define Climate Control Gel Cream when it’s at least damp, sealing in moisture and smoothing the cuticle layer for cashmere-soft curls with bounce and shine.

DON’T forget heat protection

Heat and hair health do not go hand in hand. UV rays are best avoided, but even more damaging is the temperature emitted from your styling tools. Moisture within the strand is zapped out, cracking the outer cuticle layer and affecting its ability to retain moisture going forward. Alongside moisture loss comes protein loss, and with 90% of our hair made of it, it dramatically affects the way it looks and behaves. The majority of Nexxus’ styling range comes with built-in heat protection, or you can invest in a dedicated heat defense product, such as the Prep & Protect Heat Defense Spray. Watch our tutorial for how to heat style curls to get the best out of them, here.

DO use a curl cream for wavy hair

Wavy hair should be considered a type of curl pattern, and therefore given the same amount of TLC as its curly and coily counterparts. Wavy strands are elliptical, shaped that way by the curved follicles they grow out of, and just like curls, their cuticle is more raised than in straighter hair, and therefore more vulnerable to damage and moisture loss.

The NEW Curl Define Climate Control Gel Cream offers hydrating and defining benefits to boost lackluster waves, with your hair’s long-term health always in mind, thanks to a NEW STYLEPROTECT Technology engineered to encapsulate every strand with weightless protection, offering lasting power alongside long-term hair health.


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