How amino acids can improve your hair, whether it's dry, damaged, dull, and more…

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Damaged hair, caused by the likes of heat styling, chemical coloring, pollution and extreme styling processes like perms or straightening, makes itself known in various unwelcome ways. Dullness, lifeless strands, increased breakage, split ends and dryness or dehydration are all tell-tale signs your hair could do with a little help.

While the range of hair damage can be vast, the solution is pretty simple: amino acids. We explore how amino acids, the building blocks of protein, can improve your hair’s condition and reveal its true healthy potential.

How amino acids help dull and lifeless strands

You may not think your hair is damaged, but if you brush and heat style it regularly, chemically color or expose it to extreme weather conditions, then it’s likely there’s some kind of damage lurking. All these stressors attack the strand and penetrate its protective cuticle. Once the hair fiber is exposed, the chemical bonds that secure its protein structures are left vulnerable to damage and loss. Investing in a keratin shampoo and conditioner as well as a keratin treatment will kick-start your healthy hair journey, and our NEW Nexxus Amino Bond range harnesses the power of five amino acids (the building blocks of keratin) with an Amino Bond Shampoo, Conditioner, and Intense Rebond Treatment to rebuild these damaged bonds. It also contains keratin and lipids to replenish the all-important protective outer layer.

How amino acids help repair breakage and split ends

Over finding split ends? We get it. Hair breakage and splits occur when strands have lost their elasticity due to either internal or external damage (or both). These pesky frayed tips are impossible to reverse with product – you’ll need a good trim for that – but the bond-building benefits of the Nexxus Amino Bond range will improve the appearance of existing splits, and more importantly, prevent future ones from forming. All Nexxus formulations are based on a research method known as ‘proteomics’, which explores the link between hair protein and healthy hair.

How amino acids help dry, dehydrated hair

With damage comes hair dehydration. Why? Because when the outer cuticle is compromised, it’s not just essential proteins that are lost. Moisture is also able to escape more easily, and the loss of flexibility that follows makes hair brittle and more likely to snap, particularly towards the ends where the hair is older. By taking styling breaks, trimming hair regularly and deactivating damage from the inside out, you will begin to notice a dramatic difference, whatever damage symptom your hair is displaying. Our Amino Bond range increases internal strength while targeting the outer layer to repair damage hot spots and restore hydrophobicity (as in, how well it repels water - something healthy hair does very well).

Whatever your hair damage type, thanks to the power of protein science (which underpins all of Nexxus’ science-backed formulas), plus a new PROTEINFUSION blend of five amino acids and keratin, we have the answer: Meet our new Amino Bond range (and prepare to be obsessed with your hair)

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