How to Get Rid of Split Ends

What Are Split Ends?

Split Ends Hair And Split Ending Explained

What Causes Split Ends Hair Issues?

Split End Prevention

What Are Split Ends?

Split ends are exactly what they sound like. It’s when the shaft of your hair splits into two or more segments, usually at the tip. Think about a rope that’s unraveling at the end. Split ends are a sign of damaged, often unhealthy, hair. That’s a problem. Your hair could have split from being dry, brittle and frayed, or from being in poor condition from weather, heat or chemicals. Yup, you’ve got split ends hair. But have no fear, you can face the ends of your hair head-on. Unsure how to get rid of split ends? Get ready for split ending explained.

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Split Ends Hair and Split Ending Explained

When hair becomes too dry, the ends of strands tend to break - or split. With split ends hair is usually super dry. But not all ends are split equally. Some types of curly hair may split from knots. Some split ends may arrive in more of a Y-shape with thirsty ends. The good news is that these can potentially be sealed with the right split end treatment. Other types of split ends are beyond repair and need to be cut immediately. Whichever stage you’re at, keep hair healthy and shiny with an effective split end treatment.

What Causes Split Ends Hair Issues?

Excessive use of blowdryers, straightening irons, curling irons and other heat-emanating devices

Hair treatments, coloring, bleach and hair products with sulfates.

Overexposure to sunlight, chlorine, smoke or air pollution.

Using hair ties or other hair accessories that damage your hair

Split End Prevention

There are simple steps on how to get rid of split ends, and we’ve compiled below the best split end treatment tips for you to try out. We’d also recommend using special split ends hair products, and our full Nexxus Collection Products are specifically known to do just that.

  • Avoid showers that are too hot. Heat dries out hair and cold water seals cuticles.
  • Don’t over-shampoo. A daily shampoo cleans hair of natural oils. Not all oils are bad. However, the Nexxus Dry Shampoo Refreshing Mist primes the hair for deep conditioning with restorative agents and helps heal visible signs of severe hair damage. The Nexxus Dry Shampoo Refreshing Mist will also refresh and enrich your hair with keratin and it’s safe for color-treated hair, which is especially prone to split ends.
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  • Be gentle. Use soft towels without roughing up your hair. Or you can use a t-shirt and wrap it around versus creating friction and more knots.
  • Condition. Find treatments not only to detangle, but moisturize. The Nexxus Keraphix Gel Treatment for Damaged Hair revives severe, internal damage especially for chemically treated hair. Not only do you want to address the consequences but also the root of the matter.
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  • Comb with awareness. Aim to comb while dry, and not wet when vulnerable. A wide-tooth comb might be your best bet. Also, start brushing from mid-shift to bottom so you can work your way up through any knots.
  • Avoid ties with knots. The rubbing of ties might be okay, but adding harder metal may cause more damage. Or, go for silk scrunchies.
  • Avoid excessive heat on hair. If you can go without a blow dry, air dry (versus towel dry). Or at least avoid drying, straightening, or curling the ends when your ends aren’t faring so well.
  • Get regular trims. Take care of your ends by letting them go. The ends of your hair are older, and you want your hair looking young.

These split end treatment tips will have you on your way to healthier, free-from split ends hair! Try to explore each of the steps listed above to find what works best on how to get rid of split ends for your particular hair type.


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