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The ‘skinification’ of haircare is a trend that’s been building over the last few months and, for the uninitiated, it goes much deeper than just having hair that looks good for a day – or even just until its next wash.

This trend is all about treating your hair and scalp with the same level of care that you use to look after the skin on your face and body. No matter how simple your skincare regime might be – from cleansing and moisturizing to using targeted, scientifically-proven ingredients in serums – the benefits for your skin of having a regime can’t be overstated. The same concept applies to your hair: in an ideal world you would be using products that work to deeply cleanse, nourish and nurture your strands. This kind of targeted care will, over time, lead to longer, stronger, healthier hair.

What does that look like? As well as using shampoos, conditioners and masks that are formulated for your specific needs and concerns, it’s also worth investing in styling products that incorporate a blend of health-boosting ingredients that improve the condition and quality of hair over time.

That’s the perspective we took at Nexxus when creating our new range of hair styling products – each product from the Slick Stick Strong Hold Hair Wax to the Comb Through Flexible Hold Hairspray is infused with a blend of ingredients that focus on the health of your locks. In each and every formula you’ll find our proprietary StyleProtect technology, which works to encapsulate every strand with weightless heat and environmental protection to increase the lasting power of your styles and keep hair healthy. Heat protection to 450 degrees, a 72-hour humidity shield and 48 hours of frizz control are also part of the package, so you really can rely on our styling products for your best hair yet.

Here are three of the most important things you can do to protect the health of your hair, and how styling products can support them…

Hydration and moisture

Unhealthy hair – hair that’s dull, difficult to manage, breaks easily and is prone to frizz – tends to be lacking in hydration, crying out for a dose of shine-inducing moisture. Get it from our new Repair & Nourish Ultra Lightweight Hair Oil – with a restorative formula thanks to Rose of Jericho and Damascus Rose oils, it seals in moisture and brings dry, tired strands back to life weightlessly, while boosting shine and preparing hair for any style. You can use it on wet hair before using heat to create a gorgeous glass hair look, or to oil your hair by coating wet hair with it and leaving it on to soak for a few hours while you go about your day.

Environmental protection

Just like your skin, hair can be negatively impacted by sun damage, pollution and harsh weather conditions – all of which can lead to color fade, dryness and breakage. It can also tangle easily and be harder to brush through which creates further physical damage to strands. To help prevent that, look for products that condition, smooth and protect against environmental stressors – the Prep & Protect Heat Defense Spray does the job perfectly. This conditioning spray detangles knots with ease to make styling any end-looks easy and gentle on hair. It also features StyleProtect technology to defend against heat, humidity and frizz. It comes into its own as soon as you spray on and style your hair, as well as over time by protecting your style and hair health.

Start in the shower

All of our shampoo and conditioning products are formulated with the new Nexxus H4 complex. This collagen, keratin and elastin infusion restores and protects the four signs of hair health: shine, elasticity, moisture and strength. So start your healthy hair regimen in the shower - we’ve got you from start to finish.


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