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Nexxus Scalp Inergy Foam Paraben & Silicone Free Shampoo

More About Our Hair Detox Foam Shampoo

Cleanse your scalp and hair with Nexxus Scalp Inergy Foam Paraben & Silicone-Free Shampoo. Formulated with an exclusive PROTEINFUSION blend of wheat protein and ginger root for healthier hair and scalp, this clarifying shampoo cleanses with a lightweight foam lather.

Product Details

  • This clarifying shampoo cleanses your scalp and hair with a lightweight foam lather
  • Formulated with our exclusive ProteinFusion blend of wheat Protein and ginger Root for healthier hair and scalp
  • Use this silicone free shampoo to lift daily impurities and buildup from hair and scalp
  • Made with no silicones or parabens
  • Shake foam shampoo well and gently massage onto scalp and hair, spreading through lengths. Follow with Scalp Inergy Ultra-Light Conditioner!
    • Our Nexxus Inergy line of hair care products works to nourish your scalp. Get 4x stronger hair *In a breakage test vs non-conditioning shampoo.

Shake the foam and apply a palm-size amount into your hand, then gently massage onto scalp and spread through your tresses. Adjust the amount you use based on your hair length. For a deep detox, use the Exfoliating Scalp Scrub before this shampoo, and follow with the Leave-In Conditioner.

Wheat Protein + Ginger Root

Wheat Protein + Ginger Root

Using advanced protein science to examine fine and fragile hair at the deepest molecular level, Nexxus scientists identified that healthy and strong fine hair is rich in the amino acid, cysteine. With this discovery, the Scalp Inergy system is scientifically crafted with a fortifying PROTEINFUSION™ blend with wheat protein, a rich source of cysteine, and ginger root, a known scalp energizer. It nourishes the scalp where strong, healthy hair starts, while making fine hair 4X's stronger against breakage in 1 use.

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