10 surprising signs your hair is healthy

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Shine, elasticity, moisture and strength can be considered the four pillars of healthy hair, working together to create locks that exhibit the most enviable of hair characteristics (gloss, bounce, smoothness – you get the picture). That’s why we created the new Nexxus H4 complex and added it to all of our shampoo and conditioning products. This collagen, keratin and elastin infusion is powerful because it restores and protects the four signs of hair health (and that’s before we get to the benefits of our styling products - we’ve really got you from shower through to styling!)

How does your hair measure up against the big four? Here we investigate the surprising signs that reveal whether you have healthy hair, and what you can do to boost it on every level.

1. Your hair repels water

Here’s a quick experiment: take a few strands of your hair and put them in a bowl of water. If they float, whether to the top or slightly below, this signals healthy hair. If the strands sink to the bottom, it’s likely your hair is suffering from damage. So, here’s the science: the healthy strands aren’t letting water penetrate, meaning the outer cuticle is intact, while the sinking hairs are letting water in, as the cuticle is likely to be raised or cracked due to damage. This test reveals a lot about your hair’s ability to retain moisture: healthy cuticles lock moisture in, protect proteins within the shaft and maintain hair’s strength. If you have fine or thin hair, support your hair’s cuticle and overall strength with Nexxus Unbreakable Care Anti-Breakage Strengthening collection, which was crafted with a ProteinFusion Blend with advanced keratin protein, biotin, and collagen amino acids to reduce damage and breakage. For all hair types that have been damaged due to coloring, hot tools, styling, chemicals, and environmental factors, try our Amino Bond range.

2. Your hair shrinks

This one’s for anyone with curly, coily or textured hair: to assess your hair health, consider how it dries after washing. If your curls and texture re-form, shrinking back to shape as hair dries, this signals that your strands are well moisturized with excellent elasticity, which allows it to retain form. The Nexxus Intensely Hydrating Hair Mask nourishes and protects your hair, crafted with Protein Complex for 24-hour, deeply-penetrating moisture.

3. Your hair holds a style

Spent forever perfecting the perfect hairstyle, only for it to drop before you leave the house? Don’t assume it’s your technique as a lack of elasticity may well be to blame. Hair that boasts great elasticity is more likely to hold a style, whether curls or a bouncy blowout. Give your style an extra boost with our Blow Dry Frizz Control Cream – this lightweight heat protection cream smooths hair for an all day finish, with a 72-hour humidity shield and 48 hours of frizz control, so your style will hold.

4. Your hair can handle humidity

The effects of humid climates can reveal a lot about our hair: if frizz jumps from your head the moment temperatures rise, then it may be highly porous – again, broken cuticles are the culprit here – and can’t repel external moisture. Healthy hair keeps its natural state in heat as the cuticle is intact, ensuring hair is strong and working hard to keep the effects of humidity at bay. Support your hair in humidity with Nexxus Ultralight Smooth Weightless Protection Shampoo and Conditioner. Our ProteinFusion™ Blend strengthens hair from within and forms a weightless, invisible barrier around every strand to block out humidity & frizz. Then go in with Epic-Shine Anti-Humidity Spray – with a micro-shine complex thanks to pearl extract and sunflower oil, it provides lasting smoothness and intense shine without weighing hair down. You’ll have sleek glass hair that no amount of humidity can ruin.

5. Your hair moves!

Bounce, volume and movement are all signs that your hair is at peak health and has great elasticity and strength. When hair is damaged and brittle, it can appear flat and rigid. If your bounce is lacking, try Volume Medium Hold Mousse: tons of volume, no sticky residue.

6. You hair isn’t static

Static is far more likely to occur if your hair is overly dry, which causes the strands to repel into a halo of flyaways. When hair retains moisture, static and frizz are greatly reduced.  Help yours hold onto moisture with Repair & Nourish Ultra Lightweight Hair Oilapply to ends after showering and before styling, or coat your hair in it and leave on for a few hours to embrace the hair oiling trend.

7. You don’t have to wash your hair every day

This is an enviable one – if you can go a couple of days without a wash, and not suffer from greasiness, then this proves your scalp scores top points for balanced oil production; imbalance can trigger dandruff, itchiness and flakes, so harmony is essential. For those non-wash days, easily extend your style, give your hair a floral refresh and add a little volume with Nexxus Refresh Volume Dry Shampoo.

8. Your color lasts

If you color your hair, then you’re likely to see superior results when your locks are in great condition. If hair is highly porous and weak, color can appear patchy from the very first day, while your shade might also fade faster. If hair is strong to start with, then color will last longer and look its best. Care for your colored hair so both your color will last and your hair will benefit with the Color Assure Protection System, as it protects the health of colored hair to keep it vibrant for up to 40 washes. If your hair is bleached, reach for Keraphix instead - these products visibly heal signs of damage from the first use.

9. Your don’t struggle with tangles

While some types of hair are naturally more prone to tangling than others, unruly knots can be a sign of damage: when cuticles lie flat, strands can sit and slide against each other, while raised cuticles result in roughened hairs that are more likely to knot. Of course, a few snags are natural, but severe knots can be a sign that more serious hair damage is at play, especially if hair breaks when you attempt detangling. Prep & Protect Heat Defense Spray is ideal for detangling, protecting and conditioning hair, as well as setting styles.

10. Your hair grows!

This may seem like a no brainer, but those with unhealthy hair may struggle to see signs of growth. This can for a variety of factors, but a key one is breakage – hair might simply be snapping before it achieves length. When hair is strong, growth should be relatively obvious over a few months (about half an inch each month is average – try comparing photos to take note!). Try the Unbreakable Care Anti-Breakage collection to give your hair growth a nice boost.

Curious about your hair’s health? Try our new Nexxus diagnostic tool, powered by AI to diagnose your hair health and recommend a customized regiment based on your score.


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