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Curl Define Collection

Over the last year, it’s been challenging to keep up with my curl care. While at home most of the week, I’ve been pretty lazy and haven’t felt motivated to bother with my hair when it ends up in a bun anyway. Lately, I’ve also dabbled in some at-home straightening and blow-drying without a diligent amount of heat protectant. And as if that wasn’t enough, I’ve been pulling my hair back in tight ponytails that have left me with some breakage around my crown area. Lesson learned. Now that my hair is in need of rehabilitation, I’ve been looking for products that will not only hydrate my curls but strengthen them too.

Enter, Nexxus’s new Curl Define Collection.

For context, I’ve trusted Nexxus products for years and actually became familiar with the brand when my hair was relaxed, so I was excited to get my hands on products formulated for my natural hair as well. Each product in the new line is made with a ProteinFusion formula that hydrates curls and strengthens them from within. Results that anyone with curly hair would want to achieve, and according to the claims you can see a difference after just one wash. That’s right just one, so of course, I had to try it for myself.

Read on for my full review of Nexxus’s new Curl Define Collection.

The Products:

  • Curl Define Pre-Wash Detangler Treatment for Coil and Curls
    • This detangler is actually a treatment meant to be used before shampooing and can also double as a mask. It detangles, nourishes, reduces breakage, moisturizes, defines, hydrates, softens, and elongates all in one product. And as with the rest of the line it’s made with the ProteinFusion blend that has silk protein and marula oil. For more hydration and slip it is also made with castor oil and shea butter.
  • Sulfate-Free Curl Define Shampoo
    • This shampoo is sulfate-free and silicone-free which allows curls to stay bouncy and keep their shape. This formulation with the ProteinFusion strengthening blend allows curls to be gently cleansed without stripping while providing the essential proteins that curly and coily hair needs.
  • Curl Define Hair Conditioner for Curly Hair
    • This conditioner is formulated to help strengthen and moisturize curly and coily hair. Made with a ProteinFusion blend with silk protein and marula oil, the formula melt into curls and provides moisture and easy detangling.
  • Curl Define Leave-in Conditioner for Curly Hair
    • This leave-in conditioner replenishes and locks in moisture, helps control frizz, leaves curls soft and defined. It can also be used in-between wash days as a curl refresher.

About My Hair:

I love the natural texture of my 3c (and in some places 4a) curls and typically style via wash-and-go. I always look for products that streamline this routine as much as possible because I’ve found that doing low-manipulation hairstyles and air drying has allowed me to grow my hair fast. I wash my hair about once a week and between wash days I usually refresh my hair with a spray bottle of water and some leave-in conditioner to get it looking 100%. Finally, I gravitate towards products that are typically made with natural oils, are a thick and creamy consistency, and are water-based.

My Nexxus Routine:

I started my washday by saturating my hair in the shower and taking a large dollop of the Curl Define Pre-Wash Detangler Treatment for Coils and Curls. The detangler was creamy and rich, which provided a great barrier between my Tangle Teezer and my wet curls. I was impressed by the amount of slip it provided and I noticed that there was less hair fall out in my brush after I worked through my hair in sections. Next, I lathered up with the Sulfate-Free Curl Define Shampoo. I worked my hair into a satisfying lather and when I rinsed my hair felt really soft and smooth.

By the way, the scent of the line is pretty consistent from product to product, the scent is kind of warm, tropical, and comforting. So once the shampoo was rinsed out I reached for the Curl Define Hair Conditioner for Curly Hair. The consistency was more of a gel than a cream which is a little different than the conditioners I usually use, but it distributed super easily throughout my curls and I left it on for 30 minutes before rinsing. While I rinsed I noticed my hair was super soft to the touch. I realized that most times when I rinse out my conditioner, my hair can feel brittle or a little rough, so this was a welcome change. The Curl Define Leave-in Conditioner for Curly Hair came last. This leave-in had a water/gel type of consistency which my curls drank right up. I was able to easily coat my strands without using a ton of product because it really hydrated my curls quickly.

The Results:

Before and after of Star Donaldson

Before using the Nexxus Curl Define Collection my hair looked and felt dry and overall lacked moisture. My curls were less defined and the curl pattern didn’t look consistent throughout my hair. The heat damage towards my ends was very visible and my curls were very undefined.

After using the Nexxus Curl Define Collection my hair looked healthy and refreshed. My curl pattern looked consistent from my roots to the ends of my hair despite having heat damage. My hair had less visible fly-aways and looked curlier throughout too. It also felt stronger and softer without being weighed down or oily.

The Takeaway

This line totally lived up to the claims of giving defined and moisturized curls in one wash, and for that, I happily sing its praises. It’s the perfect solution for someone like me who hasn’t been taking the best care of their hair but wants to get it back on track from the inside out. Using these products is like getting a salon-quality hair repair treatment at home. Anyone who has curly or coily textured hair and has been lacking moisture, strength, and definition in their curls should definitely give this a go.