4 hair benefits of using a blow dry cream

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If you rely on a blow dryer to dry and style your hair, whether daily or sporadically, adding a blow dry cream to your haircare arsenal will reap impressive benefits. Blow out cream not only helps elevate your blow dry to salon-quality shape and hold, it improves the condition of your hair, too. Here are the four key reasons to add a blow dry cream to your styling routine…

1. Blow dry cream is a heat protectant

Heat compromises hair’s structure, resulting in frizz, dryness and breakage – but this damage can be avoided simply by adding a heat protecting product to your tresses before you style. The Nexxus Blow Dry Frizz Control Cream provides 450° heat protection, as well as a 72-hour humidity shield.

2. Blow dry creams can maximize your blow dry

If you’re styling with curling or flat irons as well as a blow dryer, you’re exposing your hair to even more potential damage. But using a blow dry cream will help maximize your blow dry to help you potentially ditch the other tools (or at least use them more sparingly). Nexxus Blow Dry Frizz Control Cream helps boost your blow dry by smoothing flyaways, creating shape and definition, building texture and adding light control. So on top of protecting hair from heat, it helps set your style.

3. Blow dry cream can improve your hair’s condition

Blow dry products aren’t just temporary protection or a simple styling aid: they can help improve the condition of your hair in the long term, too. Take the Nexxus Repair & Nourish Ultra Lightweight Hair Oil. Much like our Blow Dry Frizz Control Cream, it’s formulated with StyleProtect Technology, which encapsulates each strand with weightless protection to increase the lasting power of your style and keep hair healthy. Hair isn’t just smoother and softer, but stronger and more resistant to future damage.

4. Blow dry cream can help control frizz

Blow dry creams can often be a game changer for tackling your hair woes, whether it be flyaways, frizz or damaged hair. Seek out the best blowout cream for you – for example, Nexxus Blow Dry Frizz Control Cream fights frizz with its smoothing finish, while Nexxus Repair & Nourish Ultra Lightweight Hair Oil seals in moisture to bring dry, tired strands back to life. Adding a blow dry cream to your routine can make achieving your hair and style goals much easier.


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