A glossary of Nexxus hairsprays to choose the best one for your hair and style

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Hairspray is a real power product. Mist it over your finished style to tame flyaways, sculpt stunning up-dos or boost bounce. No matter your style, it keeps your hair looking amazing for longer.

But hairspray can benefit hair health, too. Nexxus hairsprays are created with proprietary STYLEPROTECT technology: a light mist encapsulates every strand with weightless protection, increasing your style’s lasting power while actually keeping hair healthy with 72 hours of humidity shielding, 48 hours of frizz control and color-safe ingredients.

Which Nexxus hairspray is right for your hair needs?

Because of their weightless results and protective formulas, Nexxus hairsprays can be used for so many hairstyles and types. Each bespoke formula contains specific style goal ingredients to help you create a look that’s uniquely yours.

Hairspray for volume

Big, bold and bouncy – the XXL Volume Medium Hold Hairspray is great for voluminous styles. This shine-boosting, medium-hold hairspray locks in mega-volume for up to 48 hours.

To get the best results from this hair volume spray, use it alongside your usual Nexxus hair care regimen. Wash and condition your hair as normal, then dry and style – whether curly, wavy or straight. Hold the can of XXL Volume Medium Hold Hairspray 10-12 inches from your hair and spray evenly. Et voilà! Long-lasting volume, shine and protection with a lovely, natural-looking hold.

Tip: for added lift, pull up a few sections of your hair and direct a short burst of volumizing spray at the roots.

Hair types that benefit from XXL Volume Medium Hold Hairspray: Curly and wavy textures, as well as straight and fine hair – basically, any styles that benefit from body. XXL Volume Medium Hold Hairspray keeps things light but adds a beautiful bounce.

Hairspray for strong hold

Sculpting your locks into an up-do? Need it to last? Nexxus Maxximum Firm Hold Hairspray boosts shine and provides 72 hours of firm hold. The quick-dry formula helps to maintain your signature style, while leaving hair soft, supple and healthy – so it’s just as good for a sleek bun or a swishy pony.

For a strong hold with natural movement and flexibility, follow your usual Nexxus haircare regimen and create your hairstyle. Then, positioning the hair holding spray 10-12 inches from your head, spritz in quick, even strokes to secure and retain key sections.

Hair types that benefit from Maxximum Firm Hold Hairspray: Up-dos and shorter crops that need a glossy, natural-looking hold that lasts.

Hairspray for softer styles

Day-to-day styles like air-dried hair, soft waves or textured waves often just need a little light control with a flexible hold. Comb Thru Flexible Hold Hairspray is a lightweight, brushable product that holds and finishes any style without stickiness and residue, while protecting hair health.

For best results, wash, condition and style your hair with your usual Nexxus regimen. Shake the can and spray 10-12 inches away from your hair. To remove, just brush this comb-through hairspray out – it really is that lightweight.

Hair types that benefit from Comb Thru Flexible Hold Hairspray: It’s great for tidying flyaways or adding a sleek sheen to finer hair.


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