Before and after: what to expect when you start using bond-building hair care

before and after hair

Remember the days when you could only enjoy the benefits of a keratin hair treatment in-salon? Now, the same gloss-giving, resilience-boosting benefits are available in at-home haircare systems, and here’s exactly what to expect…

The science behind hair bonding

At Nexxus, we have always studied and understood the power of hair protein, and how it dramatically alters the behavior of a damaged strand, both instantly and in the long term. When the chemical bonds deep within a strand are broken through external stressors, amino acids and keratin (the protein they act as a building block for) are lost, along with essential moisture.

Our NEW Amino Bond range consists of a Shampoo, Conditioner and Post-Shower-Leave-In Treatment, all containing a unique PROTEINFUSION blend that regenerates those crucial chemical bonds and replenishes the keratin that makes up 90% of our hair.

Keratin treatment before and after

Damage in hair shows up differently for everyone, but there are some tell-tale signs to look out for below. Ideally, don’t wait until the symptoms of damage are extreme. Instead, accept that your hair is exposed to daily stressors (including heat styling, coloring and environmental), and counteract the damage as it happens by committing to a bonding regime now.

Our new bond-building technology works to repair up to two years of protein loss after one use, restoring hair’s flexibility, strength and shine. In short, it behaves as healthy hair should. The even better news? It’s suitable for all hair types. Here’s All the ways amino acids help different hair types, from thick to fine, curly to straight.

Before bond-building

Damaged hair will have one or many of these traits…


Frayed ends and prone to breakage


A change in overall texture. Shine is replaced by fly-aways


Loss of elasticity and more difficult to style


Lifeless looking. Curl patterns don’t form as well


Dry to touch and visibly lacking in moisture

After bond-building

The many ways bond-building haircare can transform the health of your hair…


Looks and feels more resilient, with breakage dramatically reduced


Boosted luminosity thanks to a repaired and smoothed outer cuticle


The scaffolding of each strand is restored for improved elasticity


Easier to style, with new life breathed into natural curl patterns


Healthy hydration restored, with reduced long-term moisture loss

Internal Repair technology

The results you can see for yourself are exciting enough, but it’s what Nexxus scientists get to see through the microscope that reveals a true hair transformation. When magnified, damaged hair resembles a frayed rope, with the raised “scales” of the outer cuticle visible. After strengthening strands with ingredients that naturally occur within the hair, bonds are repaired deep in the cortex to restore elasticity. The outer layer looks smoother, with the individual cells of the cuticle less visible, or completely undetectable. It's that smooth surface that’s able to reflect light better, dictating how shiny the surface of an individual’s hair is.

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