The best things you can do to protect your hair when you heat style

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Can’t resist a bouncy blowout? If you use heat tools often, you may be dealing with dry, dull or damaged hair. Getting a glam style doesn’t have to come at the expense of your hair’s health, though. Here’s how to elevate your styling game with heat-styling tips that protect your hair at the same time.

Prep your hair in the shower

Overuse of heat styling tools, excessive washing and exposure to UV rays can dehydrate hair, damaging its cuticle, or the outer layer that protects strands and keeps hydration in. To avoid moisture loss, dry and dull-looking hair, make sure you start protecting your hair in the shower.

Hydrate with shampoo and conditioner that contain protein, ideally keratin, to reduce breakage and repair damage from the inside out so your hair will be as strong as possible and better able to tolerate heat styling. To pick the right hair washing products, you need to think about your hair’s needs. For example, if you’re using heat tools often and looking to repair visible signs of heat damage, like split ends, try the Amino Bond™ collection. Featuring our bond-building technology and ProteinFusion™ amino acid blend, it leaves your hair more resistant to damage. Got bleached hair? Try protein-rich products, like the Nexxus Keraphix Keratin Protein Hair Collection, which is clinically proven to repair damage from bleaching and color treatments specifically.

Deep condition with a nourishing mask

Providing your hair with deep hydration and nourishing ingredients pre-heat styling is the key to keeping it healthy. A great way to supercharge your hydrating shower routine before styling is with a post-conditioner masque. Nexxus’s Humectress Ultimate Moisture Intensely Hydrating Masque will heal your hair from within, boosting bounce and restoring lost moisture. Infused with a hardworking blend with green caviar and elastin protein, it also prevents future hair breakage.

Always use a heat protectant spray to prep, prime and protect the hair

Just like sunscreen is essential for protecting your skin daily, a heat protectant is crucial for safeguarding your stands and keeping your hair healthy to prevent damage before it happens. The Prep & Protect Heat Défense Spray’s formula will not only offer protection against temperatures of 450o, but also condition your hair, tame frizz and detangle knots so you can easily create any style without worrying about the impact of the heat on your hair health long-term.

Pick styling products with added heat protection

Using styling and finishing products with added heat protection will help reduce the risk of damage, dryness and breakage when creating your style. Our Nexxus line of styling products help craft effortless looks that last and weightless protection that stays with StyleProtect Technology. Our lovely Repair & Nourish Ultra Lightweight Hair Oil boosts shine with 72 hours of humidity protection, and 48 hours of frizz control.

Pick your styling tools wisely

Straighteners and curling irons made from ceramic, tourmaline or titanium plates offer even heat distribution, which reduces the risk of burning your hair. Always use a flat or curling iron with adjustable heat settings and opt for the lowest temperature you can to create your style.

Choosing the right temperatures

Wet hair is more vulnerable to heat damage so to avoid damaged strands, take some time to fully dry your hair on the lowest setting, or let it air dry when you can. Once that’s done and you’re using other styling tools, adjust the temperature according to your hair type to avoid damaging the cuticle. The thinner your hair, the more fragile and prone to heat damage it is, so keep the temperature under 250o, use quick fluid movements and reduce the number of passes over the same section to limit heat exposure in one area. If you’ve got thicker hair, use a setting around 300o.

Take regular styling breaks

One of the best ways to ensure heat styling doesn’t have a lasting impact on your hair is simply to skip it every now and then. Giving your hair a breather from heat tools allows it to recover, so embrace your natural texture, experiment with heatless curls or try different updo hairstyles. Worried about frizz? Apply a nourishing hair serum, like the Nexxus Ultralight Smooth Frizz Defy Cream Serum to smooth and soften hair for up to 72 hours. This weightless hair superstar will repel humidity and add natural body and movement.


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