Bond-building haircare 101: everything you need to know

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It’s no surprise bond builders are the latest haircare obsession: just consider their prowess when it comes to fixing damage. Hair parched by coloring? A bond-building mask can help with that. Locks prone to breakage thanks to heat styling? Try adding a bond-building shampoo to your regimen. Too much time in the sun? A bond-building conditioner will provide a much-needed moisture hit. How do these products fix such a wide array of hair woes? It all comes down to one key ingredient: amino acids.

How are amino acids and hair related?

Amino acids are the building blocks of every protein in your body; when it comes to hair, 23 amino acids bond together to make the keratin protein that makes up 90% of every strand. Amino acids give hair its character: they’re responsible for its strength, shape, flexibility and shine. When hair suffers damage, hair bonds break and amino acids are lost, resulting in visible damage. Think breakage, frizz, dullness…the list goes on.

How can amino acids haircare help?

Here’s how Nexxus’ bond-building products work their magic: amino acids are the key ingredient (not all bond builders can say the same) and these powerhouse molecules get to work rebuilding broken bonds and generating new ones within the hair fiber. While other products work on the hair’s surface alone, Nexxus’s Amino Bond range uses the power of amino acids to delve deep into the internal structure of the hair to heal and strengthen it from within.

What impact can amino acids have on hair’s condition?

As amino acid haircare actually fixes hair damage rather than masking it, the results are revitalized locks: hair that is stronger, smoother, softer, has fewer split ends and is easier to style.

How often should I use amino amino acid haircare products?

The Nexxus Amino Bond Shampoo, Conditioner, and Intense Rebond Treatment are formulated for daily use, helping hair fight the effects of all types of damage with every wash. Adding a bond-building product to your regular haircare routine will not only repair existing issues, it will also boost your hair’s strength, making it more resistant to future damage.

What is the best amino acid hair treatment for me?

This one is personal, and down to your specific hair and styling wants and needs. Read a breakdown of how amino acids can help your hair type specifically, in All the ways amino acids help different hair types, from thick to fine, curly to straight Most of us suffer from some form of hair damage and can reap the benefits of an amino acid-based product. Find out more about How amino acids can improve your hair, whether it's dry, damaged, dull and more

How quickly will I see results when using bond-building products?

Many bond-building treatments work after one use: every product within the Nexxus Amino Bond range starts repairing all five major types of hair damage within minutes, and can fix up to two years of protein loss from the very first use. The more you use bond-building products, the stronger and more resistant to damage your hair will become, too.

Who benefits most from amino acid hair treatments?

Do you have any type of hair damage, from split ends and overall dryness to dull color or lack of shine? If the answer is yes, you’ll see benefits from using a bond-builder. However, those with more severe damage – perhaps from chemical treatments, excessive heat styling or coloring – will see the most dramatic results.

Are amino acids and hair growth related?

While an amino acid hair treatment won’t directly promote hair growth, it’s a known fact that when hair is in good condition, it grows better.

Are there benefits from amino acid treatment for Black hair?

Yes, absolutely. Bond-building products are suitable for all hair types, no matter the color, texture or condition.

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