What to look for when choosing a hair wax

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Hair wax might be a product that only recently landed on your radar. But this good-for-almost-everything strand savior is now something many of us can’t imagine getting ready without thanks to the huge rise in the quiet luxury, clean girl aesthetic. Great for creating the smoothest of slicked back ponytails or sleek buns , it’s also great for taming frizz, styling fine hair and even adding volume and definition. There’s not a lot hair wax can’t do, but are they all created equal or suitable for everybody?

Put simply, the answer is no. Some hair waxes simply are better than others, and while hair wax is primarily a styling product, it’s smart to look for styling products that also contain haircare ingredients that consider and support the health of your hair. Here, we round up exactly what to look for when shopping for the best hair wax.

Consider your hair type

Your individual hair type plays a part in how well you’ll gel with hair wax. Most formulations tend to suit hair that’s finer and thinner, while those with thicker, curlier or more coarse hair are better off looking for gels and pomades as they will offer a stronger hold.

Be clear on what you plan to use it for

If you only want to use hair wax to tame flyaways, to slick down your edges, or to smooth out buns or ponytails, most formulas should be suitable. However, hair waxes can often appear dry and crusty in the hair – something that tends to occur if you use too much, or if the wax mixes with too many other styling products. If you plan to layer your wax, choose a formula that’s able to do so without leaving build-up (we’ve got just the thing…).

The best ingredients to look out for

Many hair waxes can leave a sticky residue but Nexxus’s Slick Stick, which is a strong hold hair wax, leaves no buildup or residue thanks to the proprietary STYLEPROTECT technology. It works by encapsulating each hair strand with weightless protection in order to increase lasting power and keep hair looking and feeling healthy without leaving any trace.

Look for added benefits

If you’re thinking that hair wax is most often a product that has one use and one use only, think again: Nexxus has created a product that’s good for much more than smoothing down flyaways. As well as being the perfect partner for nailing so many styles, the Slick Stick – like virtually all other styling products in the Nexxus range – is formulated to be kind to hair. The smoothing polymers won’t feel crispy or leave telltale, unwanted flakes in hair, the formula itself is color-safe and it also offers 48-hour frizz control and has an built in 72-hour humidity shield. Definitely not a one trick pony.


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