4 easy tricks for nailing a slick back bun

a wonen with slick back bun

Just like the always-chic slicked back ponytail the slick bun is an ideal hairstyle for those days you don’t have the energy to do your hair, when it needs to be washed – or even when it's freshly washed and you don’t have a ton of time time to style it but you still want to embrace the sophisticated clean girl aesthetic.

A slick back bun can be worn either low or high and it’s quickly become the go-to hairstyle of influencers and celebrities alike. It’s a look that’s often seen on the red carpet throughout awards season – in part because it can be trusted to stay put and look good for hours on end.

But you don’t need a glam squad to nail this look. Here are your need-to-know expert tips, tricks and products that’ll help you create the perfect slick back bun.

Prep properly

Prep matters with any hairstyle, but it’s especially important here to ensure your finished bun is sleek, smooth and has lasting power. For a slicked back bun, it’s best to work on dry hair the second or third day after a wash, because it’ll have that extra grit needed to stay put.

This style does work on clean hair, too, but remember that hair is more prone to damage and breakage when it's wet, so always try to avoid pulling it back into a tight style before it’s fully dry. Use your favorite shampoo and conditioner, then post-wash, spritz Nexxus’s Epic Shine Anti-Humidity Spray through the mid-lengths and ends for long-lasting, weightless shine. It’ll also protect against both moisture and humidity (read, flyaways and frizz).

Commit to your parting and height

According to the experts, this is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when it comes to styling a slicked back bun. Which way do you want your part to fall and where do you want the bun to sit? Remember you can opt to not have a part at all – which works well if you’re planning to wear the style higher rather than at the nape of your neck. But if you are planning a part, use a tail comb for a perfectly straight line.

Style the bun

Start by separating two front sections of your hair from the back section and clip them out of the way. Then, secure the rest of your hair into a smooth ponytail that has a good amount of tension. Use a boar bristle brush to ensure you’ve brushed every strand of hair back, and then position it tightly in place with a hair elastic. Next, release the clipped front sections and generously spritz Nexxus’s Comb Thru Flexible Hold Hairspray onto the front sections for long-lasting hold, before pulling them back to meet the bun. Once your hair is nice and tight, wrap the front hair around the first band and use a second one to keep it all in place.

Smooth flyaways

Once you’re happy with the result, the final step is to grab Nexxus Slick Stick and run it from root to tip along each side of your head. This will catch any flyaways or frizz and leave you with the smoothest finish.


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