5 styles you can create with the Nexxus Slick Stick hair wax

girl pony and with bottle

Easy to create and suitable for just about any occasion, the slicked back hair trend has been on the rise for a while now, and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere any time soon.

Sleek hairstyles ooze class, sophistication and are the epitome of cool girl energy. There’s a reason slick styles are often the look of choice for the likes of Hailey Bieber and Sophia Richie Grainge and anyone who loves the clean girl aesthetic. Whether it’s a low bun, a high ponytail or a wet-look, slick styles tend to work across all hair types, lengths and textures – even more reason to love them.

If there’s one product that any slick look requires, it’s Nexxus’s Slick Stick. This versatile,strong hold wax stick adds instant texture and definition, while also helping to smooth flyaways, edges and tame unwanted frizz. Formulated with smoothing polymers and natural wax, it’s also infused with our exclusive STYLEPROTECT technology, which has a 72-hour humidity shield and 48-hour frizz control. It will never make your hair feel stiff, and it’s also color-safe.

Here are five different looks you can create and perfect with the Slick Stick.

Slicked back bun

A social media favorite, the slicked back bun is a high-impact style you can wear all year round and all day or night long, from work to the gym to catching up with friends. Great for clean – or dirty (no judgment here) – hair, using the Slick Stick will help pull your hair into place, add extra hold and provide a super smooth finish. Watch our tips for how to create the perfect slicked back bun in our tutorial here.

Slicked back ponytail

If you love the look of a slick bun but have especially long or short hair, the ponytail version may be more ideal. For a slick pony, use the Slick Stick to tame flyaways and smooth edges at the roots and crown of your head – it’s also helpful on the lengths of hair for adding high shine and a sleek finish.

Slick pixie

This is for all the short-haired girlies – there are few things more chic than a slick pixie crop. The key to nailing this look is to remember not to go overboard with theproduct: the Slick Stick is great for helping you control the amount of product you use as you can easily add it to specific areas, only layering on as much as you need. Add definition where needed, but less product is definitely more with this look.

Twisted buns

Embrace your inner Hailey Bieber and recreate one of her most iconic looks: a deep side part paired with twisted baby buns. Great for those with shorter styles, the Slick Stick can be used around the front and sides of hair to help keep everything in place while adding megawatt shine. Finish with a cute bow for ultimate romance.

Wet look strands

Forever a red carpet favorite, Lizzo has nailed this look a few times. Use the Slick Stick to secure and style your edges, then add a swipe from root to tip to create the illusion of everlasting wet hair – without risking frizz or crispiness.


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