5 styling tricks for nailing fluffy hair

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Voluminous styles with effortlessly soft movement and texture are a super feminine, touchable look. Here are the styling tricks and products you need to know about for fabulous fluffiness.

1. Use styling products that nurture

The right amount of fluff can make hair look full, chic and healthy, but too muchcan send you into shaggy dog territory. While hair type is genetic, the stylers you reach for play a huge part in how your hair looks and feels. Nexxus styling products harness an advanced heat-activated STYLEPROTECT technology, formulated to offer weightless protection against heat and humidity. Volume Medium Hold Mousse is lightweight but still creates 4x more fullness – that which means long-lasting body without stiff strands or sticky residue.

2. Defy gravity while you style

Breathe life into your chic blow-dry by working in some extra texture and volume. Try drying your hair upside down. By heating and setting the roots of the hair to sit away from the scalp, they will remain there once you flip your head back over.

3.Just add “grit”

If you’re looking for the best volumizing spray for fine hair, texturizers that add a little “grit” to hair, such as a powder, mousse or hairspray, will add some much-needed density. Try spritzing your finished look with Nexxus XXL Volume Medium Hold Hair spray, tipping your head upside down again and teasing the roots with your fingers to add extra volume that’s guaranteed to last for up to 48 hours. If you have curly hair, drying it upside down with a diffuser attachment will help to boost a limp and lackluster curl pattern.

4. Trust in anti-frizz hair products

When nailing the fluffy hair look, healthy volume is in, and unintentional frizz is ideally avoided. How? By shielding hair from the interfering effects of humid weather and smoothing the surface for more resilient strands that reflect the light for a healthy shine. Try teaming the Epic Shine Anti-Humidity Spray with XXL Volume Medium Hold Hair spray, for extra hold when your hair needs it most. For more anti-humidity recommendations, read Humidity hair heroes – the products YOUR hair type needs.

5. Start styling in the shower

Look at washing your hair as step one in your styling routine. There’s no point investing in a hair shine spray after using an oil-stripping shampoo. Likewise, what’s the point in paying for products designed to boost volume, when you’ve just smothered your head in a limp-making, silicone-rich conditioner? Try our Unbreakable Care line, featuring an Anti-breakage Shampoo, Thickening Conditioner and Root lift Spray: designed for fine and thin hair, the range creates natural fullness without weighing hair down. It also protects hair from breakage and is free of sulfate, silicone, and parabens. By investing in haircare that resets damaged hair, the styling products that follow have a much better chance of making an impact.


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