5 ways to use volumizing hair mousse to perfect your favorite style

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If you love volume and hold in your hair but aren’t using mousse after every wash, you’re probably missing out. Mousse is a quick and easy addition to any haircare routine with visible, long-lasting impact.

Apply mousse after you wash and condition your hair and before you start styling, to create both volume and textural definition along with heat protection. Nexxus Volume Medium Hold Mousse creates up to 4x more fullness in hair, and is formulated with STYLEPROTECT technology and color-safe ingredients, which means it looks after your hair’s health. It also creates a 72-hour humidity shield so your style stays put, whatever the weather.

Here’s how to enhance five signature styles with our Volume Medium Hold Mousse.

1. Beachy waves

Whether your waves are natural or created with a curling iron, mousse will add volume, lift and texture for a flattering finish.

Prep: Work a pump or two of Volume Medium Hold Mousse through towel-dried hair, combing through with fingers from root to tip.

Style: If you have wavy or curly hair, let your hair air dry, twisting sections with your fingers to encourage your ideal shape. This works especially well if you have a face-framing cut or bottleneck bangs.

For straighter hair types, dry in your preferred way. Then, with a curling iron or flat iron on a low heat setting, section off your hair and add loose waves, alternating the direction you curl in. Comb through with your fingers for a modern, undone look.

For natural textures, how you achieve this style will depend on your curl pattern. Some will respond well to twisting or braiding the hair overnight for a beachy look. Others might need to use a heat method, like straightening and then curling with an iron, as above.

2. Big bouncy curls

Volume Medium Hold Mousse can add definition to bouncy curls, without being sticky or crunchy.

Prep: After washing and conditioning, work the mousse through damp hair, not forgetting the roots to enhance volume.

Style: For bouncy curls and waves, style using velcro or hot rollers rather than a curling or flat iron. This styling technique adds lots of volume – and the mousse adds shine, body and fullness to the look.

3. Sleek, straight pony

Nexxus Volume Medium Hold Mousse provides 48 hours of frizz control, ideal for sleek styles like the clean girl slicked back pony.

Prep: After washing, conditioning and towel-drying your hair, detangle with a comb and smooth a pump or two of mousse through from root to tip. This will add shine, control and body to your lengths, without a sticky residue.

Style: Blow dry your hair straight with a barrel brush to tame frizz and encourage shine. For long natural hair, depending on your texture and curl pattern, you may want to leave your lengths as they are, or run them over with a straightener.

Once you’re happy with the finish, pull your hair into a ponytail – high, low or mid, that’s up to you – using a brush to create a smooth, sleek style close to your scalp. Fasten with a hair tie (silk, ideally, to protect hair from breakage) and finish with Nexxus Slick Stick to tame flyaways.

4. Trending: The kitty cut

Collar-bone in length, long layers and face-framing, jaw-length strands. The kitty cut is a style set to take over in 2024. And mousse is key to adding long-lasting volume.

Prep: Wash and condition your hair as normal, then work through a small amount of mousse from root to tip.

Style: On straighter and wavy hair types, all this style really needs is a decent blowout to lock in volume from the Nexxus Volume Medium Hold Mousse. Use a barrel brush and curl each layer under to help sculpt those face-framing layers.

For curls and natural hair, you can let the style dry naturally after removing excess moisture with a microfiber cloth or old T-shirt, or blow dry with a diffuser. Let the cut and your hair’s volume shine.

Play around with the laid-back look by flipping your face-framing layers over to the other side of your part.

5. Trending: Fluffy hair

Fluffy hair is a light, airy, voluminous yet almost wispy style that works well on curly, coily, wavy and straight hair types. The key? Volumizing products, super-clean hair and a great blow-dry.

Prep: Get your hair nice and clean with your favorite Nexxus wash and care products, then work through a couple of pumps of Volume Medium Hold Mousse.

Style: Those with natural, curly, coily and wavy hair types, simply start blow drying with a paddle brush, delicately flicking up and out as you go. Then go through with your fingers and redefine a few curls here and there to balance out the fluffiness.

If you have straight hair, you’re aiming more for fluffy flicks than fluffy curls. Use a barrel brush to blow dry in upward and outward motions, section by section. Then turn your head upside down and shake to finish, for added impact.


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