4 different ways to incorporate hair oil into your haircare routine

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Hair oil has been a staple in haircare routines around the world for centuries. Used and celebrated for its nourishing properties, as well as its unrivaled ability to promote healthy hair, incorporating a hair oil into your existing routine can provide transformative results and numerous benefits.

As well as increasing hydration levels and improving texture, if you choose an oil that’s been carefully formulated with a blend of effective ingredients, you’ll reap even more benefits. That’s where Nexxus Repair & Nourish Ultra Lightweight Hair Oil comes in: intensely nourishing but never heavy, this restorative oil is lightweight and infused with Rose of Jericho Oil and Damascus Rose Oil that work simultaneously to help seal in moisture, boost shine and it’s even able to coax dry, tired strands back to life.

The formula also includes Nexxus’s STYLEPROTECT technology, which offers a humidity shield, frizz control, heat protection, all while being color-safe.

Here are some of our favorite ways to incorporate Repair & Nourish Ultra Lightweight Hair Oil into your haircare routine:

As a pre-shampoo treatment

This is one of the easiest ways to use hair oil and it’s ideal especially for dry ends. Before you get in the shower, saturate hair from the mid-lengths down to the ends in oil, ensuring it’s evenly distributed, and then leave it in to penetrate for around 30 minutes. The rose oils will work to create a protective barrier, preventing lost moisture during the washing process – you’ll notice softer, more manageable hair with a natural sheen after you’ve washed it.

To revive second day hair

One of our favorite stylist tricks is to use the Repair & Nourish Ultra Lightweight Hair Oil to bring unwashed hair back to life. After brushing hair and using dry shampoo, work one or two pumps of oil through your hair, focussing on the ends. It will bring hydration back into strands while also helping to defrizz.

As a leave-in treatment

A common use for hair oil, you can use it after washing and conditioning as a leave-in treatment for an extended amount of time – ideal while sleeping, running errands, working out or just hanging out. Known as hair oiling, you simply apply a generous amount of oil from root to lengths while they’re wet in order to help lock in moisture and provide a protective layer against environmental stressors. Those with thicker, more coarse hair types can apply it into dry hair too for an extra hit of hydration. Watch our tutorial on hair oiling, here.

To protect your hair

While not all hair oils will have added benefits on top of hydration, Repair & Nourish Ultra Lightweight Hair Oil does – so using it on freshly washed hair will not only provide heat protection, but frizz control and a humidity shield too. The blend of rose oils will also help weightlessly repair your hair on the deepest level, to ensure it stays shiny, happy and healthy.


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