4 styling secrets for managing flyaways

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While a good anti-humidity hair spray will go a long way in keeping unwanted hair fuzz under control, it’s worth having a repertoire of easy-to-do hairstyles to fall back on for days when you need to look polished, but your hair just refuses to play ball.

The Slick pony

While sleek hair might feel like an impossibility when wearing your hair down, with the right products, a glossy updo is perfect for frizz-prone hair. For a sleek finish, our Slick Stick is crucial – this strong hold natural hair wax tames frizz and flyaways with superior glide and control to perfect the slicked-back look. It offers 72-hour humidity shield and 48 hours of frizz (but no stiffness) to keep your look in place all day and night. Brush your hair back into a bun or pony – either working in the hint of a center part or pulling strands directly back – and apply the Slick Stick to the hairlines or wherever you have frizz that needs managing. A boar bristle brush and strong elastic hair tie are essential, too.

If you want to create a nourishing slick pony to wear overnight, when you’re running errands or hanging out around the house, you can coat hair in Nexxus Repair & Nourish Ultra Lightweight Hair Oil for an oiling routine style look. Infused with Rose of Jericho to boost moisture levels and envelope each strand weightlessly. Comb it through from root to tips,then simply pull your hair back and let the oil work its magic.

Boho-Beautiful Braids

The great thing about braids is that they look just as (if not more) beautiful with a little mussed-up texture. In fact, hair with flyaways is more likely to cling on to this elaborate style. Increase your hair’s cling-ability by applying a volume texture spray first. A dry shampoo will also help to achieve this, or a flexible hairspray such as our Comb Through Flexible Hold Hairspray. Traditional three-strand braids arethe easiest to master and can be pinned against your head or over the crown into a chic halo. Boho braids are also a popular protective hairstyle. AKA ‘pick-and-drop braids’, they involve micro base braids at the crown, transforming into loose waves around three inches down.

The Half-Up Bun

Where do frizz and flyaways tend to occur most? That’s right, on the top of your head and along your hairline. A half-up style offers the best of both worlds: length around your shoulders if you prefer not to tie your hair completely back, and disguised flyaways where the hair is pulled upwards (the direction frizz tends to head!). Use a tail comb to section off a triangle-shaped section of hair on your crown and secure it in a top knot (it doesn’t have to be neat). Add a spritz of hairspray and tease some extra texture into the length to compliment the low-maintenance look.

Clever accessories

You don’t have to use the excuse of flyaways to experiment with beautiful and bright accessories, but it’s good motivation if you don’t know where to start. Headbands are the obvious choice, covering the hair most exposed to humidity on the crown. Or, opt for a center part, slick the two sections back into a low bun and run some ornate clips or bobby pins along them. Why not embrace the comeback of the ‘90s beauty aesthetic, by twisting small sections of hair back from the hairline and securing them with butterfly clips? Pretty, yet surprisingly practical.


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