4 things to stop doing to avoid frizz (and one essential habit to start!)

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First things first; what exactly is frizz? Your hair type is down to genetics, so if your hair happens to be prone to flyaways, you can thank your folks. But frizz is also heavily influenced by how you treat your hair, and the environmental stressors you expose it to.

The haircare and styling products you use can also make a huge difference when it comes to taming those pesky flyaways (if that’s what you want to do). In short, frizz happens when the hair lacks hydration, and has a raised cuticle that allows strands to absorb moisture from the environment, swelling and rearranging itself in an unwanted halo around your head. Here are the habits to avoid to minimize frizz…

Stop investing in the wrong haircare

Healthy hair begins in the shower, and all Nexxus haircare formulations contain a unique PROTEINFUSION blend, infused with restorative ingredients to counteract the different types of hair damage. Be sure to use products formulated with your hair health in mind, such as the Ultralight Smooth Weightless Frizz Protection Shampoo and Conditioner. Created specifically for all frizz-prone hair types, this sulfate-free line strengthens hair from within and forms a weightless, invisible barrier around every strand to block out humidity & frizz.

Stop neglecting your curls and waves

Ever wondered why textured hair is more prone to frizz? It’s down to the strands’ bends and kinks, which cause the outer cuticle to sit raised rather than flush (the reason hair with a curl pattern tends to feel coarser to touch). It makes these hair types more likely to “leak” essential moisture and proteins, which is why a protein-restoring haircare system is essential.

Stop causing damage in (and out) of the shower

Dehydrated strands are the key cause of frizz, and scorching-hot water melts away your hair’s natural oils, lifting the cuticle layer responsible for retaining moisture. That means turning down the temperature of your shower can help combat frizz. It’s also worth thinking about how you handle your hair when it’s wet (and more fragile). Swap vigorous towel drying for a microfiber turban, removing it and gently patting away any excess moisture once you’re ready to style.

Stop daily heat styling without a protectant

Heat styling is hard on hair, causing its protective layer to wear away, depleting structural proteins and zapping any lasting moisture from the fiber. What does this leave? You guessed it: frizz. Prep & Protect Heat Defense Spray – along with all Nexxus styling products –includes STYLEPROTECT technology, which protects hair from damage from heat tools (as well as any other hair stressors like humidity) while also increasing the lasting power of your style. In other words, it’s a non-negotiable.

Start shielding hair from humidity

The one thing you most definitely should do is shield your hair from frizz-causing humidity. As mentioned, frizz occurs when dehydrated strands seek out moisture in the air, which causes them to swell and rise. The Nexxus Epic Shine Anti-Humidity Spray is an instant shine booster, powered by aheat-activated technology designed to shield strands from moisture and humidity. So long, frizz.


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