How to choose the best hair spray for your hair type and style

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It’s the one styling product almost everyone owns, but how much thought do you put into choosing yours? The humble hairspray has had an update, and we think you’ll want to know about it….

What is hairspray?

Hairspray envelops strands in a lightweight film that connects the hair fibers where they touch. While hairspray’s main purpose is to keep your hairstyle in place all day, many formulations come with other benefits, such as added shine and volume, or protection. Our Nexxus hairsprays, for example, increase the lasting power of your style and keep hair healthy with weightless StyleProtect Technology. Hairsprays of today have come a long way since the glue-like formulations used to scaffold bouffants and beehives of bygone eras.With so many brands and promises to choose from, a good place to start is the level of hold your hair type or style requires: strong, medium, or light. While fairly self-explanatory, there are a few things you should keep in mind…

What strong hold hairspray is best for

Sometimes referred to as an extra hold hairspray or freeze hold hairspray, these are a must for elaborate styles on “slippier” hair types, like super fine or straight hair. Whether you need extra support for a more structured hairstyle, or hard-fought volume in finer hair, these spray-on fixers can make all the difference. Strong hold variants can be more obvious to the touch (although a good one won’t feel rock-hard) and provide a great barrier to humidity if you’re prone to frizz. Nexxus Maxximum Strong-Hold Finishing Mist is a flexible, max-hold hair spray that helps to maintain your style while leaving hair touchable, soft and glossy.

What medium hold hairspray is best for

If you want to maintain a less structured style, texture, or ward off from frizz-triggering humidity, there’s every chance a medium-hold formula will do the trick. The NEW XXL Volume Medium Hold Hairspray is a hair volume spray with medium-hold and shine-boosting properties. If you’re looking for the best comb through hair sprayfor curls and textured waves, something that offers the maximum flexibility for bounce and natural movement is essential. Nexxus Comb Thru Finishing Mist Hairspray is infused with a Fluid-Fix Complex, offering touchable hold for finer hair types. As always with finer hair types, apply your volume booster to the roots with your head tipped upside down, teasing in extra volume with your fingers.

What light hold hairspray: is best for

Not every hair type or style requires a freeze hold hairspray. A popular technique is to heat style a curl pattern – whether it be mermaid waves or more defined ringlets, then allow it to cool and set, before brushing through to add natural, soft movement. By spritzing hairspray on hair before you brush, you assist in the setting part of the process. While reaching for something that describes itself as light-hold will do the job, don’t discount the flexibility of many modern-day medium-hold formulas. Nexxus Comb Thru Finishing Mist Hair Spray is designed to be manipulatedonce in the hair, for natural movement and shine.


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