Step-by-step: how to get glass hair

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As the name suggests, glass hair is characterized by ultra-smooth, shiny, straight strands that resemble the reflective surface of glass. Sleek and polished, it’s a style that's grown in popularity thanks to the fact it’s both chic and sophisticated, and relatively easy to do yourself at home.

Achieving glass hair requires a combination of healthy haircare, expert-led styling techniques and the use of products that will help you get the shiniest, glossiest strands – and here, we talk through all of those so you can perfect the look.

Step one: pre-wash prep

The aim of glass hair is to achieve the silkiest, shiniest hair. If you’re feeling really dedicated, that starts with a trim. Maintaining regular cuts not only keeps your hair healthy and strong, but it’ll also create a natural shine and keep the ends looking fresh and polished.

Step two: in-shower treatments

Whether or not you choose to get a trim, a hugely important step in achieving glass hair is to wash with the right products. A hydrating shampoo, like Nexxus’s Therappe Ultimate Moisture Shampoo and Humectress Ultimate Moisture Intensely Hydrating Masque which will work in tandem to create a smooth foundation, ready for styling.

Step three: Post-shower products

When you’re out of the shower, use a microfiber towel to gently dry hair without the need to vigorously rub it (which can create frizz). Then it’s time for the crucial step: Nexxus’s Epic Shine Anti-Humidity Spray – an intense shine spray with heat activated technology to shield every strand from moisture and humidity. It features a micro-shine complex (thanks to pearl extract and sunflower oil) for prismatic shine and super smoothness. To use, divide your damp hair into sections and apply it liberally. Blow dry to activate the product benefits – and rest assured the 450° protection means your strands won’t be negatively impacted by the heat.

Step four: dry and straighten

When you dry your hair, use a round brush and re-create a salon-style straight blow dry, but if that’s something you struggle with, don’t panic. Instead, section off your hair and dry one area at a time, holding the hairdryer straight above your head to ensure strands are dried downwards – and try to resist the urge to move the dryer around a lot as that can just cause unwanted frizz. Once your hair is dry, use a hair straightener to smooth everything out and add extra shine – remembering that the slower you move the flat iron, the smoother the result. You can also see exactly how to create this style in our video tutorial, here.

Step five: seal the shine

Epic Shine Anti-Humidity Spray provides lasting smoothness and intense shine without weighing your hair down, along with a 72-hour humidity shield and 48 hours of frizz control, so you can be sure your sleek, glassy style will hold. However, if you want to feel even more protected, finish your look with a quick spray of Comb Thru, Nexxus’s flexible hold hairspray, to give your glass hair even more lasting power.


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