How to use dry shampoo to perfect day-two styles

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Second-day hair a little oily? Short on time but need high-impact, fresh-feeling strands? It’s easy with a little dry shampoo to soak up excess oil and reinject volume and shine. Here’s how to use it for day-two styles.

Sleek pony

A sleek, slicked pony is ideal for day-two hair, keeping it off your face but still showcasing luscious length.

Separate your hair into small sections, spraying Nexxus Refresh Volume Dry Shampoo on oily areas in short sweeping motions. Once you’ve covered all key areas, massage your hair and scalp. Then brush it out for fresh, volumized results – it’s the perfect prep for a ponytail.

Use a paddle brush to smooth your hair up into a pony, working out any bumps. Fasten with a gentle hair tie – silk if possible to prevent hair breakage. Do away with any flyaways and create a sleek finish with the Slick Stick. Happy swishing! For more tips on slicked styles.

Straight styles

Whether your hair is naturally straight or you put the work in yesterday, day-two straight styles don’t need much effort to bring them back to life – just a few sprays of volumizing dry shampoo.

Dry shampoo your hair section by section, as above, to remove oil and odor, and comb through with a paddle brush. The results? Cleaner, fresher hair with added volume for 48 hours of refreshed style. Accessorize with a cute headband.

Curls and beachy waves

Natural curls and waves or heat-created styles are some of the easiest to revive on day two with dry shampoo. Or day three, as you might find curly hair can last longer without looking and feeling oily, because oil doesn’t travel as quickly down the hair shafts.

On the day you feel it needs it, spritz on some Nexxus Refresh Volume Dry Shampoo as outlined above, using a comb to brush through your curls without losing bounce. Go through and redefine a few individual curls or waves with your fingers.


If you’ve woken up unhappy with the look of your second-day hair, braids can hide a multitude of hair woes. A quick hair refresh and you’re ready to restyle.

Dry shampoo your hair as above, brushing it out for luscious volume and bounce. Next, decide what kind of braid to go for. A low mermaid braid with a bow and tousled, face-framing waves? Two sporty French braids? A (slightly more time-consuming) halo braid? Or if you have shorter hair, one or two baby braids to pull your face-framing layers or bangs out the way, boho-style? Whatever braid style you go for, dry shampoo will give you a fresh, clean-feeling base to work with.

Protect your style overnight

Fancy your chances at day-three hair? Protect your style overnight – whether that’s gently braiding your waves to keep the curls intact, using a silk scarf to protect braids, or sleeping on a silk pillowcase to preserve shine.

And read up on our dry shampoo 101 for more helpful information.


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