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Humidity can transform sleek, shiny strands into a fuzzy mess within minutes. But by using the right anti-frizz hair products for your hair type, you can shield it from flyaways, whatever the forecast.

The best products for frizzy hair

It’s not just our mood that’s impacted by the weather. Our hair, however well-behaved it is right after styling, can throw a hissy fit the minute you step outside. While most types of weather affect hair in some way, humidity is particularly problematic for those prone to fluffy flyaways. Sure, you can experiment with hair looks that work well with a less predictable texture (check out 5 styling tricks for nailing fluffy hair), but investing in a hair shine spray thatwraps every strand weightlessly in an anti-humidity shield is half the battle won. The NEW Nexxus Epic Shine Anti-Humidity Spray contains a STYLEPROTECT technology that delivers a 72-hour humidity shield and 48-hour frizz control. Here’s what to team it with depending on your hair type…

The best products for straight frizzy hair

Our desire for sleek and healthy shine has sent ‘glass hair’ searches soaring. Straight hair is naturally glossier due to a smoother cuticle that bounces light better than textured hair. But if you have straight hair, you’ll know it’s still vulnerable to frizz in certain weather conditions, especially if you color or heat style (both damaging for that light-reflecting cuticle layer). After applying Nexxus Epic Shine Anti-Humidity Spray to damp hair and blow drying as usual, give dry ends an extra hit of nourishing shine by warming a couple of drops of the Repair & Nourish Ultra Lightweight Hair Oil into your palms, then smoothing your hair between them from mid-length to ends.

The best products for wavy frizzy hair

Wavy hair may have a more relaxed curl pattern, but those effortless kinks still disrupt the strands’ cuticle layer, leaving them more open to the absorption of frizz-triggering humidity. While a good hydrating and defining gel-cream will work wonders on this hair type (try Curl Define Climate Control Gel Cream), if you heat style your waves in, you’ll want to invest in the 450° heat protection found in the Epic Shine Anti-Humidity Spray. Finish with a light spray of the XXL Volume Medium Hold Hairspray, a medium-hold hairspray that holds mega volume for up to 48 hours.

The best products for curly frizzy hair

The complexities of a curly or coily hair cuticle leave strands more prone to dehydration, damage and frizz. Often, a cocktail of products is required to achieve a smooth yet defined curl pattern, but whatever you use, get into the habit of scrunching a few drops of a nourishing, moisture-sealing oil into your styled curls. The Nexxus Repair & Nourish Ultra Lightweight Hair Oil harnesses a blend of Rose of Jericho and Damascus Rose Oil to boost and seal in moisture levels, enveloping each strand weightlessly in shine-enhancing protection.


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