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While many products promise to repair damage, they often just mask the problem temporarily. But the new Nexxus Amino Bond range replenishes broken bonds at the innermost core of the strand. Here’s how…

How does the Nexxus Amino Bond range work?

Hair damage caused by the likes of heat styling, chemical coloring, extreme weather and UV exposure causes bonds to be broken in the innermost part of the hair strand, resulting in the loss of essential amino acids, the building blocks of keratin (which makes up 90% of our hair). The Amino Bond range delivers a PROTEINFUSION blend of five types of amino acids, plus a replenishing keratin protein to weightlessly repair the outer cuticle layer for a healthy hair reset.

What products does the new Amino Bond line-up include?

Our new amino acid haircare range consists of a salon-quality keratin shampoo and conditioner, and a keratin treatment:

Step 1: Amino Bond Shampoo

A sulfate-free prep step to cleanse and remove build-up, it gently nourishes hair for enhanced strength.

Step 2: Amino Bond Conditioner

Rebuilds broken bonds for stronger, healthy hair while weightlessly repairing surface damage for smooth elasticity and enhanced style performance.

Step 3: Amino Bond Intense Rebond Treatment

Activates bond-building technology in just three minutes, sealing in moisture, protecting and strengthening hair for sleek, frizz-free styling. Makes hair stronger with every use – use it by applying to clean, damp hair. Work evenly throughout and let sit for 3 minutes to activate bond-building. Do not rinse out and style as usual.

As with all Nexxus formulations, this three-step system is powered by protein science, backed by in-depth studies that delve into how hair fibers react to different natural proteins (a research method known as ‘proteomics). The Amino Bond range not only repairs damage hot spots on the outer cuticle layer, but it also travels deep into the strand cortex, rebuilding broken disulfide bonds to boost strength, shape flexibility and shine. Read more about how amino acids can improve your hair, whether it's dry, damaged, dull, and more.

three amino bond bottles

Will it help with hair thinning?

Once you’ve ruled out female pattern hair loss – a condition caused by genetics and hormones – the focus falls on futureproofing your hair from breakage caused by day-to-day stressors. While there’s no direct link between amino acids and hair growth, amino-acid-depleting damage contributes greatly to a loss of hair volume through breakage. By replenishing amino acids at the core of the strand and homing in on the cuticle damage that left it exposed in the first place, hair behaves differently, with a smoother, healthier and more flexible texture that’s far less likely to snap.

Which hair types is the Nexxus Amino Bond range best for?

This transforming range works on all hair types, fixing all types of damage: chemical, color, thermal, mechanical and environmental. If you expose your hair to regular heat styling, coloring or tension styling, your hair will most certainly benefit from the replenishing three-step system. In clinical trials, hair was found to be 90% stronger, with less breakage and more visible shine.

How often should I use it?

The Amino Bond range is designed for daily use, or however often you wash your hair. If there’s a Nexxus range you already love, you could start by bonding intermittently, allowing the results to dictate an increase in usage. While the Amino Bond Intense Rebond Treatment can be used on its own alongside your current shampoo and conditioner, Amino Bond is a three-step system, and we strongly recommend it should be used as such for optimum results.

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