Myths and facts about bond-building hair care

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It’s no wonder bond-building has become a buzzword in the haircare world: once exclusive to salons, the arrival of bond-building products on store shelves has allowed us to try out the game changing effects of bond builders from the comfort of our own homes. Yet, as with any new product drop, there can be plenty of misunderstanding and myths: here we separate facts from fiction and explain what sets the Nexxus Amino Bond range apart.

Fact: bond-building products fix hair

A quick science lesson: hair is 90% keratin protein, created from 23 amino acids that bond together to create each strand. Think of amino acids as the DNA of your hair, shaping its character, such as its strength, flexibility and shine. When hair is damaged, no matter the cause, hair bonds break, amino acids are lost and you’ll see visible damage. That’s why amino acids are the hero ingredient in Nexxus’s bond-building haircare, which fixes broken bonds and restores hair structure from within, generating new bonds, too. This exclusive and proprietary way of approaching bond-building means Amino Bond products repair hair at the deepest level, as opposed to simply masking damage. If you want to learn more about amino acids and their link to bond-building, check out Bond building hair care 101: everything you need to know

Myth: bond-building treatments are only for thick, curly hair

Bond-building formulas can help any hair type, no matter the length, texture or color. Read a breakdown of how they can help your hair type specifically, in All the ways amino acids help different hair types, from thick to fine, curly to straight

Fact: amino acid hair treatment is suitable for all hair damage

No matter how careful you are, you can’t escape hair damage: everything from brushing to spending time in the sun, blow drying and coloring can result in harmed tresses. Many of us are dealing with a combination of damage types, in fact. The good news is, damage can be fixed: the Amino Bond range, which uses a blend of amino acids and keratin, repairs every type of damage at the deepest level. Find out more in How amino acids can improve your hair, whether it's dry, damaged, dull and more

Myth: bond-building products should only be used sporadically

This one’s personal but there’s no limit to how often you can add a bond-building treatment to your routine. We formulated Nexxus Amino Bond Shampoo, Conditioner, and Intense Rebond Treatment for everyday use, to help hair become stronger and resilient with every wash.

Myth: you shouldn’t mix bond-building hair care with other products

Not true: there’s no evidence that a bond-building treatment will react negatively with other product groups; you can add a bond-builder to your existing routine with confidence it will slot in beautifully. You will see the most benefit from using the entire Amino Bond range together, but can also slot the Intense Rebond Treatment into your normal haircare routine post-shower.

Myth: truly effective bond-building treatments are available only at salons

While bond-building treatments were once a tool of the pros only, requiring a salon visit to reap their benefits, at-home bond builders are now available to all and feature the same restorative technology as their salon-exclusive counterparts.

Fact: bond-building haircare products start working immediately

This one’s exciting: yes, many bond-building treatments get to work immediately. In fact, all Nexxus Amino Bond products start working after just one use and can repair up to two years of protein damage in minutes.

Myth: bond-building products fix split ends

Sadly, they can’t – the only thing that can fully banish pesky splits is a haircut. However, Amino Bond products do boost hair’s strength, preventing future split ends from occurring. Win, win.

Myth: bond-building products target just one type of bond

If you’re clued up on your science, then you’ll know there are three types of hair bonds. While some products might target one type of bond, Nexxus Amino Bond targets damage to all bonds with its blend of five amino acids and keratin protein.


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