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The Nexxus Styling Line collection

If you’re in pursuit of nourished, healthy, compliment-worthy hair, it’s vital to strike a balance between trend-led styles and the genuine health of your strands.

One way to do that is to get to know the latest wave of haircare innovations that not only help you achieve your most coveted styles with minimal effort, but also actively contribute to the wellbeing of your hair. These revolutionary healthy hair and scalp heroes work by blending style with nourishment and as a result, you don’t have to compromise on either.

How? Every Nexxus styling product features our proprietary StyleProtect technology, which encapsulates each strand with weightless heat and environmental protection – this increases the lasting power of styles while keeping your hair healthy from damage.

Nexxus styling products also offer 450-degree heat protection, a 72-hour shield from humidity and 48 hours of frizz control, so you really can rely on them when it comes to both styling and caring for your hair.

Here is a little more about how our products go beyond the surface by elevating your style while improving the condition of hair on the deepest level…

Nexxus hairsprays

Available in three different levels of hold – Comb Through Flexible Hold, XXL Volume Medium Hold and Maxximum Firm Hold – Nexxus scientists have thought of everything when it comes to hairspray. Each hairspray is long-lasting and works to either finish or hold any style without the stickiness that comes with traditional formulas. Plus, where some hairspray can dry your hair and scalp out, none of these do. Instead, they’re packed with kind-to-strand ingredients that have hair health at the core.

Nexxus mousse

Nexxus Volume Medium Hold Mousse formula is the opposite of other brand’s products that can be drying, heavy and prone to leaving residue in your hair. Lightweight, airy and able to deliver 4x more volume, it’s a great option for those with fine hair who might worry about overloading hair with excess product.

Nexxus dry shampoo

Dry shampoo has a bad reputation for causing build-up, clogging follicles and generally not being very kind to your hair. But not ours: Refresh Volume Dry Shampoo works to absorb sweat, oil and odor, leaving all hair types feeling refreshed and cleansed without any residue or build-up.

Nexxus blow dry cream

Ideal for those with dry, frizzy hair, our Blow Dry Frizz Control Cream has a lightweight texture that provides 72 hours of volume, while also smoothing frizz for 48 hours and – most importantly – protecting hair against heat damage so you can use tools to style without worry.

Nexxus anti-humidity spray

Protect each and every strand against both moisture and humidity with Nexxus Epic Shine Anti-Humidity Spray. As well as using heat-activated technology, it also leaves an enviable shine in its wake thanks to our unique micro-shine complex. It makes achieving glass hair a breeze.

Nexxus curl define gel

It can be hard to find a hydrating, soft-hold cream that’ll enhance your hair’s natural texture without leaving it crunchy, which is why we created Curl Define Climate Control Gel Cream. The gel-cream texture adds shape, definition and bouncy volume with no crispiness, for creating your best curls.

Nexxus lightweight hair oil

Great for thick, dry hair types – but all hair types can benefit – our Repair & Nourish Ultra Lightweight Hair Oil intensely nourishes while restoring lost moisture and shine, helping to revive dry, tired strands day after day. Use it on the ends of hair after you cleanse and condition before styling, or coat wet hair from root to tip and leave it on all day to embrace the hair oiling trend.

Nexxus wax stick

With its superior glide and control, Slick Stick Strong Hold Wax is a true hero: ideal for perfecting clean girl slick back buns and ponytails, the strong hold wax adds both texture and definition while smoothing flyaways and frizz without ever causing sticky residue or unwanted flakes.

And don’t forget, every one of our shampoo and conditioner products contain the new Nexxus H4 complex. This collagen, keratin and elastin infusion is powerful because it restores and protects the four signs of hair health at the hair-washing stage. So from shower to styling, we’ve got you throughout your entire hair regimen.


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