The science behind why you need to use a heat protectant spray after every wash

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Split-ends, dry and dull-looking locks…while heat-styling tools can leave your hair looking lush, they can also undermine hair health. Is there a way to strike the right balance between using hot tools and protecting hair health? Yes! The answer is a heat protectant spray…

What happens to hair when you heat style?

Heat makes your hair pliable, allowing you to change the shape of your strands and create the style you’re after. But frequent use of hot tools, like flat or curling irons, can also weaken and even break your hair’s protein structure and bonds, leading to loss of elasticity and strength. This happens because high temperatures strip the hair of its natural moisture. This also affects the outermost layer of the hair, the cuticle, which is responsible for the appearance of the hair and protecting its inner layers. Excessive heat can cause hair cuticles to crack, making your strands prone to breakage and more likely to develop split ends. And if you don’t treat split ends, they can split further upward along the hair shaft and cause more breakage along with other issues, like rough texture and frizz.

Why a heat protectant is your hair’s best defense

But you don’t have to stop using your heat styling tools to have healthy hair. Adding a heat-protectant spray every time you heat style is non-negotiable for getting both – even if you’re only blow-drying.

Heat protectant sprays create a protective barrier on the surface of the hair shaft that seals in moisture and helps maintain a sleek and soft texture. Think of it like a buffer that minimizes the impact of heat from your styling tool to your hair: it reduces the direct exposure to high temperatures and the amount of heat that penetrates your strands.

How to minimize heat damage

If you’re looking to promote your hair’s wellbeing, you need to check that your heat protectant is packed with nourishing ingredients that will protect it immediately and keep your hair healthy in the long run. Quality products shouldn’t only prevent heat damage but also condition your hair to help it retain moisture, avoid breakage and swerve split ends.

For example, the Prep & Protect Heat Defense Spray is a weightless spray that combines nourishing ingredients to protect against damage and temperatures up to 450o. It creates a smooth surface and enables styling tools to glide through easily so you can create any style without having to hold the heat tool in one spot for too long. It also leaves the outer cuticle layer smooth, which helps prevent knots and tangles to make your hair more manageable.

To keep your health healthy and increase the lasting power of your style, pair the Prep & Protect Heat Defense Spray with one of our styling and finishing products, like the Epic Shine Anti-Humidity Spray to achieve an epic, shiny glass-hair finish. As every product in our new line, it features our proprietary StyleProtect Technology that helps keep your style intact for longer, offering weightless protection and safeguarding your strands.

Consistency is key. Add a quality heat protectant into every post-wash routine to benefit your hair’s health both today, and long-term.

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