Stylist secrets for getting a sleek, chic pony

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One of the most-worn, modern hairstyles is the chic, sleek ponytail. Worn both high and low, it’s all over TikTok and adored by celebrities including Sofia Richie Grainge, Ariana Grande, Zendaya and Ciara. The epitome of the clean-girl and quiet-luxury aesthetics, it’s a suits-all look bursting with sophistication. It’s so easy to create, too – especially if you’re armed with the stylists’ secrets to pull it off perfectly every time. Here are the ultimate need-to-know tips and tricks, plus the products to use to perfect a sleek pony, and check out our tutorial on how to create the look yourself at home here.

Don’t wash your hair right before

This might sound counterintuitive, but the sleekest of ponytails are actually best achieved on hair that’s a little dirty. It’s the ultimate expert tip: stylists prefer to work with hair two or three days after washing, because it isn’t as soft and therefore is easier to put into place and tends to hold a style better. Use a smoothing formula when you do wash, such as the Ultralight Smooth Weightless Protection Shampoo and Conditioner, and the crucial prep factor comes down to what you use after washing – that’s when it’s all about frizz prevention. Try Nexxus’s Epic Shine Anti-Humidity Spray: formulated to provide weightless intense shine that lasts, it uses heat activated technology to protect every strand from both moisture and humidity. Use it after washing for prismatic shine and a pony that pops.

Invest in good styling products

If there’s one product needed for nailing the slicked back ponytail, it’s a good hair wax. The new Nexxus Slick Stick is ideal: not only does it offer superior glide and control, but the easy-to-use stick also adds texture and definition, smooths flyaways and keeps styles in place without leaving sticky residue in its wake. Formulated with exclusive STYLEPROTECT technology and smoothing polymers, it protects against both frizz and humidity. It’s also safe to use on colored hair.

Pick the placement

One of the most important things any hairdresser will tell you about the slicked back ponytail is choosing the positioning first and sticking with it. The versatility of this look means the ponytail itself can be placed high, low or somewhere in the middle depending on your mood and what makes you feel the most confident. But it’s vital to choose where it’ll sit before you start styling, because once you’ve applied the wax and secured it into place, it’s difficult to move without undoing all your hard work.

Use the right tools

The tools you use are just as important as the products. Use a paddle brush with soft boar or nylon bristles for a super smooth finish. If you’re prone to baby hairs, use a small backcombing brush to help tame them. It’s also important to use a strong – ideally new – hair band to keep the ponytail in place. A new band will have less stretch to keep your pony secure all day.


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