Exactly How Kim Kardashian Keeps Her Platinum Hair From Breaking

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Most people who've gone platinum will tell you it's no easy upkeep. As cool as it looks, bleach leaves most hair fried, crunchy, and at risk of breaking off with the breeze. So the heat was on to see how Kardashian handled the damage, and as it turns out, her hair savior might just be the cheapest thing in the Kardashian-West hair arsenal. Crazily enough for her, it's a $20 drugstore hair treatment—the Nexxus Emergecee Protein Treatment.

That said, she didn't use it in the typical way (at home, hair marinating in a huge towel, in front of a TV show). According to Byrdie, Kardashian used her time in New York to swing by the Nexxus salon for its signature treatment.

Kim Kardashian Image Leaving Salon

Per the brand, the treatment uses a high concentration of proteins to deliver collagen and elastin and strengthen your hair. In life postbleach, that's especially important—the chemical does a number on your hair and literally breaks the bonds holding it together, so a combination of protein and hydration is essential to repair the damage and keep it healthy.

Think of it like Olaplex (the postbleach protein builder every hairstylist swears by), taken down just a couple of notches so you can use it at home. Even if you've never gone near bleach, we can vouch for it: The silky, soft feeling it leaves behind is no joke.


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