Tricks for creating cool-girl, lived in texture

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Effortless, undone, I-woke-up-like-this hair with lived in texture is the ultimate cool girl look. It’s the sort of style you see all over TikTok, and it seems every celeb seems to nail hair that looks so beautifully casual and chic – yet it feels like an impossible look to recreate.

So while being able to nail the chic look might seem elusive, it actually isn’t with a few need-to-know secrets to create effortless, laid back looks.

Choose the right products

It’s no secret that the foundation for any great hairstyle is the products you use. For the lived-in look, it’s all about creating texture with a long-lasting yet flexible hold, so hair has structure but can also move. This can be achieved with two products: dry shampoo and hairspray. Nexxus Refresh Volume Dry Shampoo is lightweight and works to instantly refresh and volumize day-two hair, but it can also be used to add a little texture and lift to clean hair. When it’s paired with the Comb Through Flexible Hold Hairspray, you’ll be left with locks that have grit and hold but also flexibility, which will create the lived-in feel. Watch our tutorial here for using the hairspray to create laid back texture that lasts.

Use up-dos strategically

A clever way to get the lived-in look is through the timeless classics, the messy bun and loose braid. After applying your texture-giving products as above, gather your hair into a loose, low bun or brain and secure it in place with a hair tie. Let a few strands loose to frame your face, and then leave the style in place for a while (at least an hour or more, depending on your hair type) before releasing it – you’ll be left with lived-in waves, minimal effort required.

Embrace your natural texture

It might seem like cool girl hair only works on one type of hair, but that isn’t the case. Instead of meticulously styling your hair to make it look undone, make use of your natural texture: let your hair air-dry instead of heat styling it, and maximize movement by scrunching and twisting sections while it dries. You could use a styling mousse – like Nexxus Volume Medium Hold Mousse for light, flexible hold – or Curl Define Climate Control Gel Cream to enhance your curl pattern and encourage natural, effortless texture. Finish with the Slick Stick to tame any hairs with a mind of their own, or add shine and hold to ends with the Repair & Nourish Ultra Lightweight Hair Oil. Any hair type can lend itself to lived-in texture, it’s just about embracing and working with what your hair tends to do naturally, and using the right finishing products to keep it in place.

Make the most of second day hair

That elusive lived-in texture always looks better on the second day after a wash. Whether it’s a blow out that’s a few days old, or some DIY curls that have turned into loose waves, the beauty of lived-in looks is that they are usually exactly that: lived in. The natural oils that occur between washes help create an undone look. Instead of jumping in the shower to refresh your hair, all you need is some dry shampoo, hair spray and your favorite finishing product – use your fingers to revive the texture and embrace your natural texture with confidence.


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