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Amino Bond™ Nourishing Conditioner

Hair is renewed and strengthened with Amino Bond™ Nourishing Conditioner, the second step in our bond-building amino acid hair care collection. This conditioner repairs surface damage for smooth elasticity and enhanced style performance, all while rebuilding and generating new bonds at the innermost core. Keratin hair protein is restored, giving you stronger, more damage-resistant hair with every use.​

Product Details

Designed especially for damaged hair to weightlessly repair surface damage.​

  • Rebuilds broken bonds for stronger, healthy hair.​
  • Uses patent-pending, bond-building, amino acid hair care technology to penetrate the hair cortex and rebuild and regenerate new bonds at the hair’s innermost core.​
  • FIBER SHIELD technology weightlessly repairs “damage hot spots” throughout the surface of the hair, for silky, shiny strands.​
  • Protects hair from the five most common types of damage: chemical, color, thermal, mechanical, and environmental. You’ll see 96% less breakage (vs. non-conditioning shampoo) and the repair of up to 2 years of protein loss after just one use.​
  • Made with our exclusive PROTEINFUSION™ blend with keratin hair protein and amino acids, NEXXUS Amino Bond™ products stay working even after you start seeing results.​
  • Backed by science and formulated to restore and protect the four signs of healthy hair: moisture, strength, shine, and elasticity.

Start with Amino Bond™ Sulfate-Free Shampoo. Then spread the Amino Bond™ Nourishing Conditioner through wet hair and rise. To complete the look, follow with Amino Bond™ Intense Rebond Treatment.

Multicolored orbs representing amino acids

Patented Bond-Building Technology

Did you know that amino acids are essentially the “DNA” of our hair? These amino acids bond together, creating the keratin hair protein found in our hair strands, which gives hair its strength, shape, flexibility, and shine. When hair is damaged and these bonds break, amino acids are lost, leaving hair visibly damaged and weaker. The answer? Nexxus Amino Bond™ collection, a three-part collection designed with bond-building technology at the heart of each formula. Featuring an exclusive ProteinFusion blend to restore keratin and replenish 5 key amino acids: Glutamic Acid, Cysteine, Histidine, Serine, and Glycine. Hair is left strong, smooth, and damage-resistant with every use.

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A bottle of Nexxus Amino Bond Conditioner sits on a glass ledge. The Nexxus logo is shown along with the name of the product: Amino Bond Conditioner.

Amino Bond™ Nourishing Conditioner

Weightlessly repair surface damage and rebuild broken bonds with our nourishing conditioner, designed to give you your strongest, healthiest hair.

Multicolored orbs representing amino acids are shown against a rose background next to a computer-generated microscopic image of a damaged hair shaft illustrating broken hair bonds. 


Powered by our patented, bond-building technology that rebuilds broken bonds and generates new ones at the innermost core, this collection restores hair from within. On the outside, our FiberShield Technology weightlessly repairs damage hot spots throughout the surface of the hair, leaving it smooth and polished.

A model is shown in before & after style image. Model's before hair is dry and frizzy curls. Her after hair is smooth, moisturized, separated curls.


Hit your hair's reset back to healthy with results you can see and feel. Repair 5 types of hair damage in minutes with 96% less breakage* with our Amino Bond™ collection.

*vs. non-conditioning shampoo

A model with wavy hair stands against a rose-gold background. Text reads: Amino Bond. 92% said their hair was easier to detangle. 87% said their hair was left healthy. 85% said their hair was more resistant to damage. Disclaimer at the bottom says: Nexxus Salon Study. 1/17/2023.

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*Nexxus Salon Study, 1/17/2023

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