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    STEP 1:


    Pairing the right regimen with a tranquil and memorable experience, one can restore hair to its perfect equilibrium so it can move beautifully again to become full of life.


    Uninhibited by the etiquette and constraints of a traditional salon, our salon is built on the founding principles that resonate more keenly with architecture and conceptual design, the notion of absolute purpose when bringing about an authentic and meaningful customer experience.


    From the moment you step through the door the salon journey becomes apparent: it lives and breathes as a seamlessly connected space with unparalleled attention to detail. The light, airy space is characterised by an overwhelming sense of free-flow. Featuring a white-brick façade, a window that floods the space with sunshine, sleek sconces, mid-century touches, marble and a product display that looks more like a pieces of art...together, these aspects ooze a sense of openness; where simple movement and organic flow through the space is embraced.

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    STEP 2:


    This high-end hair salon delivers New York glamour whilst, at the same time, bringing about a feeling of ‘home’, in part because of the team headed up by Nexxus Global Creative Director Kevin Mancuso and in part because of its well thought out atmosphere.

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    STEP 3:


    Add to that our extensive menu of powerful treatments and unrivalled customer care, the results become truly unforgettable. The Nexxus New York Salon is committed to taking you on a journey of restoration, one that enables rejuvenation not only for your hair but also for your sense of self. xx, Nexxus