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What is Nexxus and who is Jheri Redding: history of Nexxus

In 1979, hair industry legend (and our founder) Jheri Redding formed our revolutionary hair care company. Redding named his new company Nexxus which means “connecting or binding together” in the Greek language. It was also an acronym that was reinforced with an extra ‘x’ for our philosophies behind our product development: Nature and Earth United With Science. We have spent nearly 40 years developing a scientific approach to every hair condition and type, inspired by nature’s most powerful ingredients.

Who: Jheri Redding. Our founder Jheri Redding is credited with many firsts in the hair care world, one of which being the revolutionary idea of treating hair with protein.
What: Protein. Hair is made up of around 50 different proteins, each with a different role. While the type of proteins tend to be the same in each person, the structural arrangement differs depending on ethnicity and age.
Why: Daily Damage. Everyday actions including heat styling and UV exposure can affect the protein chemistry of one’s hair.
How: Nexxus Regiments. Bringing together science with inspiration from nature, Nexxus brings the consumers our revolution in protein repair. Through powerful formulas, infused with Wheat Protein, Keratin, Elastin and Marine Collagen among others, damaged proteins are restored and hair is left strong, smooth and with natural movement. Thanks to the rigorous clinical trials undertaken, Nexxus is able to prove that their product systems restore a healthy look and natural movement to hair.