Ultralight Smooth Weightless Frizz Protection Collection

Weightlessly block out frizz in 98% humidity.

Introducing a sulfate-free scientifically proven regimen that restores strength from within while forming an invisible barrier around each strand to block out frizz and keep hair smooth for up to 72hrs.

ultralight smooth weightless collection

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Cracking The Root Cause Of Frizz With Protein Science

Our team of protein science experts looked at the root cause of frizz, a result of damage to the outer cuticle protein layer. Daily heat styling and environmental factors can lead to cracks in the cuticle, which cause moisture to penetrate and swell the hair fiber, creating frizz. The healthier and more intact the cuticles are, the softer and smoother hair will feel making it easier to manage and style day after day.

ProteinFusion™ blend ingredients, including almond protein and Jasmine Flower, is shown in glass dishes.

Our exclusive ProteinFusion blend

Our innovative ProteinFusion™ Blend was custom crafted for frizzy hair with almond protein abundant in moisture repelling amino acids to block out humidity and frizz and jasmine flower known for its ultra-light, moisturizing properties that nourish the cuticle and prevent damage.

A model is shown against a blue background. The left side of her hair is dull and frizzy and is labeled "BEFORE". The right side of her hair is smooth and shiny and is labeled "AFTER". Footnote reads: Nexxus consumer study, 4/1/2021.

See the science

Our system works to restore strength from within, filling in holes and cracks in the outer cuticle restoring its healthy condition. Meanwhile, an invisible, hydrophobic (water repellant) barrier weightlessly wraps around each strand to block out frizz in up to 98% humidity.

ultra define collection

The Ultimate frizz-fighting collection

Our sulfate-free three-step system features a frizz-blocking Shampoo, Conditioner, and smoothing serum for all frizz-prone hair types and is safe for chemically treated or colored hair. The result after using: 72hr of smooth hair without the weight.

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