4 Keratin Shampoo Benefits

4 Things To Expect When You Start Using A Keratin Shampoo On Your Hair

Reduced frizz

Less breakage

Easier styling

Vibrant color

Woman standing under a shower uses her hands to rinse shampoo out of her hair

4 Things To Expect When You Start Using A Keratin Shampoo On Your Hair

There’s a common misconception when it comes to shampoo: that its job is to remove dirt and grease, nothing more. Making a noticeabledifference to the hair texture is down to your conditioner, treatment, and styling products, right? Wrong. With protein technology so advanced, we can now expect more from our humble shampoo.

Each Nexxus range contains a unique PROTEINFUSION, blending the best proteins from nature to target the different types of hair damage. Nexxus scientists have dedicated their work to this study of proteins (the natural building blocks of our hair), and the shampoo in every collection plays its part in replenishing and restoring the strands, as well as gently cleansing them. Not sure what to expect when you first start using a keratin shampoo? Read on…

1. Reduced frizz

When experiencing hair frizz, we automatically reach for hardworking styling products to nix it. But enviable hair texture starts in the shower, and the cleansing and conditioning products you use play a big (if not the biggest) part in taming flyaways. Frizz occurs in damaged and dehydrated hair, showing itself as dry, brittle, difficult-to-manage strands. You’ll notice a reduction in frizz as soon as you start using the Keraphix Keratin Shampoo. Infused with an exclusive PROTEINFUSION blend with keratin protein and black rice, it replenishes damage within the protective cuticle, which is responsible for locking in moisture and repelling humid weather. Why the humidity ban? Because thirsty strands absorb moisture from the air, swelling into an unmanageable tangle within minutes.

2. Less breakage

Many of us don’t realize that vigorous brushing can cause breakage. There are some simple changes you can make to reduce this friction damage, such as investing in a gentle boar brush, and handling your hair carefully when it’s wet and more vulnerable to damage. Protein-infused hair care not only replenishes lost proteins (caused by external aggressors such as heat styling and chemical coloring) but also future-proofs the strands. When the outer lipid layer is restored, the hair is stronger and more flexible, which means it’s less likely to snap or split when brushed or styled. Split ends can even be temporarily sealed and reduced by boosting your keratin shampoo and conditioner with a once-weekly intense treatment, such as the Keraphix Damage Healing Treatment Masque.

3. Easier styling

If you’ve ever seen a picture of a single hair strand magnified, you’ll know its outer layer is made up of tiny overlapping cells. In healthy hair, these cells (the cuticle) sit flush against the hair fiber, regulating moisture levels and bouncing back light for healthy-looking shine. When hair becomes damaged, these cells are raised or depleted completely, causing friction between the individual hair strands, and resulting in unruly tangles. Protein-replenishing hair care seals and aligns the outermost layer, allowing strands to glide against – rather than grab – the other strands. The result? Sleeker, stronger, more flexible hair that can be styled without the worry of tangles, matting, or further breakage..

4. Vibrant color

Nexxus scientists were able to pinpoint the exact proteins and amino acids lost during the coloring process and develop a range of sulfate-free, protein-replenishing formulas as a result of these findings. Bleached or “pre-lightened” hair is particularly vulnerable to further damage due to the chemical breakdown of its protective lipid layer. And what does that mean? The hair is less resilient to daily rituals such as washing and heat styling, which can start to fade your color within days of you stepping out of the salon. Color fade and brassiness in bleached hair happen as salon color fades and your natural pigment begins to “reclaim” your strands. Any good color-preserving hair care routine requires a moisture-injecting conditioner, such as the Keraphix Conditioner, formulated to heal signs of damage for restored shine and a more vibrant, longer-lasting color. To really target brassiness while replenishing lost moisture, incorporate a purple shampoo and conditioner into your routine, like the Blonde Assure Purple Shampoo and Conditioner. They’ll tone down any unwanted yellows to give you back your bright blonde, while also injecting hydrating and strengthening keratin into strands.


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