7 healthy hair and scalp heroes your daily routine needs

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When it comes to keeping your hair and scalp healthy, look at the haircare rituals you do every day. Hair washing? You can definitely use this step to improve your hair’s health – but that might be too obvious. How about what you sleep on? Yep, your pillowcase can affect how healthy your hair is. Here are some healthy hair and scalp heroes your toolkit should include…

1. A scalp scrub

An unbalanced scalp makes itself known in obvious ways: itching, flaking, dandruff. But by adding an exfoliating product to your washing routine, you’ll see a positive impact on your scalp and the condition of your hair, too. Nexxus Clean & Pure Scalp Scrub offers gentle exfoliation to detox your scalp by removing product and oil buildup, leaving it feeling nourished and moisturized, creating the perfect environment for hair to thrive.

2. Heat tools with variable temperatures

If heat tools are an essential part of your hair care arsenal, limit damage by choosing tools that allow you to tailor the temperature. When you’re drying, be mindful to keep the blow dryer six inches from your head and move it around, rather than concentrating on one spot, to minimize the effects of heat.

3. Heat protection

The damage caused by heat stylers can be minimized or even completely avoided by adding a heat protection product to your repertoire. Our StyleProtect Technology encapsulates your hair with the protection it needs, all while increasing the lasting power of your style. Nexxus Prep & Protect Heat Defense Spray is a weightless conditioning spray that protects hair from heat, while helping to detangle and soften. The other heat to consider is the sun: pack a hat to shield your hair and scalp from UV rays and add a spritz of Nexxus Epic Shine Anti Humidity Spray for protection from both heat and humidity, while also creating gorgeous glass hair.

4. Hardworking shampoo and conditioner

Don’t rely on the first product you spot on the drugstore shelves: researching what will work best for your hair specifically will pay dividends. Let’s take bleached hair: the Nexxus Keratin Keraphix line was formulated to visibly heal the signs of damage specifically in chemically processed hair. Hair suffering from dryness and split ends? The new Nexxus Amino Bond line gets to work on five types of damage in minutes, healing broken bonds and damage at the deepest level. In fact, all Nexxus shampoos and conditioners are formulated to restore the 4 areas of hair health: strength, moisture, elasticity and shine. We call it our H4 complex.

5. A clean brush

Be honest: when was the last time you cleaned your hairbrush? It’s easy to forget, but brushes pick up bacteria, dust, yeast and dandruff every time you use them, which can lead to irritation and clogged hair follicles. Clean your brush whenever there’s a build up of hair, and at least once a month give it a deep clean: remove all hair, rinse it and scrub with a little shampoo, then leave to dry. And experts advise replacing your hairbrush every six to 12 months, or whenever damage is obvious (missing bristles, a cracked pad or it looks particularly unclean). If it's lost bristles, your brush won’t be working effectively anyway, and you might need to use more heat styling to achieve your desired look. Investing in a good quality hair brush – a boar brush is considered the best of the best – and your hair will thank you.

6. A silk pillowcase

Trade your typical pillowcase for a silk one, and you’re likely to wake up with hair that’s less frizzy and tangled. It’s down to the smooth texture: silk creates less friction as you move around at night, resulting in decreased frizz. Silk can also help with dryness, both for your hair and scalp; silk is less porous than cotton, so won’t sap your locks of moisture. A silk scarf wrapped around your hair has a similar effect.

7. A microfiber towel

Hair is at its most fragile when wet, so avoid rubbing hair with a towel – this can lead to frizz and breakage – and instead wrap a microfiber towel around your head to soak up excess water. A spritz of Nexxus Unbreakable Care Root Lift Thickening Spray will help prevent further damage, while nurturing and lifting hair from the root and offering heat protection while you style.

Curious about your hair’s health? Try our new Nexxus diagnostic tool, powered by AI to diagnose your hair health and recommend a customized regiment based on your score.


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