All the ways amino acids help different hair types

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While some hair types are less likely to display extreme damage symptoms, they’re still vulnerable to the impact of modern-day hair stressors. When hair is damaged, no matter the cause, hair bonds break and amino acids – the building blocks of hair – are lost. That’s why amino acids are the hero ingredient in our new Amino Bond range: it uses the power of amino acids to fix broken bonds and restore hair structure from within. Here’s how amino acid haircare can be the antidote for your fine, thick, wavy or curly tresses.

How amino acids help thick damaged hair

Despite being the most resilient hair type, thick hair is still prone to damage. Sure, the strands are wider, making them less prone to breakage caused by heat styling, UV exposure, chemical coloring and brushing, but they’re still made up of the same components as their finer counterparts. In other words, the chemical bonds that hold the protein structures of the hair together can still be broken through chemical, environmental and manual damage. Wondering what damaged hair looks like? Here’s How to tell if your hair needs bond-building treatment

When you’re looking for the best bond-building treatment for thick or fine hair, reach for one that repairs damage at the deepest level, the strand’s innermost core, as well as repairing damage hot spots on the outer cuticle. The NEW Nexxus Amino Bond range is formulated with a PROTEINFUSION blend containing five amino acids (the building blocks of keratin) and keratin itself (the fibrous protein that makes up 90% of our hair). The result? Hair that’s shinier, stronger and more damage-resistant with every use.

How amino acids restore damaged curls

Curls are beautiful… but they’re also high maintenance (if you know, you know). With those enviable wavy, curly and coily hair patterns comes a flatter hair follicle, and a more lifted – and therefore exposed – protective outer cuticle. You’ll know your hair is damaged because your signature S-shaped curls, or mermaid-esque waves are sitting flatter and more lifeless than usual. This is because the strand’s inner “scaffolding” has been compromised, as well as the outer layer responsible for retaining moisture – hydration is essential for springy, happy ringlets.

The Amino Bond Shampoo, Conditioner, and Intense Rebond Treatment work together to penetrate, rebuild and strengthen bonds within the strand cortex. Consider this three-step system a reset button for lackluster curl patterns, repairing up to two years of protein loss after only one use. Upping your styling game will help, too. Our NEW Curl Define Climate Control Gel Cream is a hydrating, soft-hold curl cream that instantly boosts waves and curls.

How amino acids fix long damaged hair

While we tend to associate long hair with being healthy, it’s worth remembering that longer hair (or at least the ends of it) is older hair, and has been subjected to more heat styling, chemical coloring and environmental stressors than the hair nearer the scalp. While a good trim will see off any irreparable split ends, harnessing the power of amino acids and keratin protein for hair to rebuild broken bonds and future-proof the cuticle, becomes even more important.

Top tip: Add an extra damage-defying layer when you style, with finishing products infused with nourishing and protective ingredients. The NEW Repair & Nourish Ultra-Lightweight Hair Oil contains a Dual Rose Complex, providing heat protection up to 450° and a 75-hour humidity shield.


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