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Silicone Free Shampoos: Is Your Hair Care Routine Balanced?

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Just as a good face wash is the foundation of any effective skincare routine, a perfectly balanced shampoo is essential when caring for and styling your hair. Recently, there’s been some discussion about what exactly goes into your hair cleanser, and how those ingredients affect the condition of your strands. One ingredient you might have been hearing a lot about lately: silicone.

This synthetic polymer is a popular compound used in a variety of haircare products, from smoothing serums to hydrating shampoos, for its ability to lubricate and polish hair. It works by coating the strand to create a seal against water and air, which helps prevent frizz and smooth the hair shaft. This coating also gives hair a slippery, almost velvety feel that makes for easier detangling and imparts a covetable, mirror-like shine. While it’s a very useful and effective ingredient, it can have a tendency to build up on your hair strands if not properly removed.

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Finding the Right Balance in Your Hair Routine.

If you are looking to start fresh and erase previously applied silicone, it makes sense to choose a shampoo that is free of it. Washing your hair using a product that contains silicones deposits the ingredient on the shaft, which doesn’t allow your hair to feel truly clean — you’ll have product build-up that creates a residue you can actually feel when you run your hands through your hair. For that reason, Nexxus has formulated all of its shampoos to be silicone free. By removing that silicone coating from your rinse, it allows your treatment and conditioning products to work best to repair, restore, and protect.

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It’s important to remember that silicone itself is not your hair’s enemy. Our scientists and expert stylists have spent countless hours studying ingredients and products, which is how we know that there’s nothing inherently wrong with using products with silicones. It’s all a matter of when and how you use them in order to get the right results. Conditioners, especially those designed to tame frizz, are where silicones really shine. They create a sleek, polished appearance for any hairstyle, from waves to braids to high-volume blowouts.

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To create the silky soft strands you crave, incorporate Nexxus' Keraphix, Color Assure, or Therappe shampoos into your haircare routine. Combined with Nexxus’ smoothing conditioners, it creates a perfectly balanced system that primes your hair to help you easily achieve your best hair ever.

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